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Air Quality

IVF Laboratory Air Quality, VOC's, etc.


Andrology, diagnostic and sperm preparation products

Catheters & Syringes

Embryo Transfer Catheters and IUI Catheters and Syringes Used in IVF Procedures.


Tools for cryopreservation, vitrification and storage of sperm, oocytes and embryos

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Photo Title Date Added
IMT Matcher – electronic witnessing system for IVF centres and donor banks 12 February 2023
SCA SCOPE 22 November 2021
SCA Evolution 22 November 2021
COBIX-IVF Witness System 20 November 2021
COBIX-IVF 13 November 2021
FertiSMART® - Web Based IVF Software v7 03 August 2020
ART Compass 26 June 2020
Multi-Zone ART Workstation 29 December 2019
PURESPERM WASH 29 December 2019
IVFID Witness Systems 24 September 2019

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