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1. G100 Portable IVF CO2/O2 Gas Analyser

G100 Portable IVF CO2/O2 Gas Analyser The G100 portable gas analyzer allows for fast and accurate measurement of carbon dioxide in embryo culture incubators. Additionally, the optional oxygen analysis allows embryologists to monitor low oxygen tension incubation systems. The G100 portable gas analyzer is a highly recommended item for the IVF Lab.
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2. Aire~IVF® [LifeAire]

Aire~IVF® Scientifically proven to improve IVF outcomes Aire~IVF® from LifeAire can eliminate all known airborne pathogens that can affect healthy embryogenesis.
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First of their kind, and FDA approved, ZyMōt™ ICSI and ZyMōt™ Multi Sperm Separation Devices deliver the best performing sperm for use in ICSI, IUI and IVF procedures.

3. ZAND-AIR PCOC™3 [Hamilton Thorne]

ZAND-AIR PCOC™3 The ZAND-AIR PCOC™3 model is a powder-coated metal encased unit to be fitted into the HVAC/AHU unit or the air ducting to provide an airtight flow of the airstream through the unit and has the spaces for an optional removable MERV-13 and optional removable Potassium Permanganate Filter.
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4. ZAND-AIR™ 100C Air Filtration / Purification Systems [Hamilton Thorne]

ZAND-AIR™ 100C Air Filtration / Purification Systems ZAND-AIR™ Portable IVF Air Purification Systems consist of an air inlet grill with safety locks, activated carbon filter, which adsorbs toxic chemicals and gases, a back position hospital grade HEPA filter individually tested by the supplier and certified.
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