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New pH Meter Version 2 from RI

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New pH Meter Version 2 from RI

Research Instruments unveils new version of its market leading pH meter.


  • Completely new probe design

  • Improved calibration response and repeatability

  • Improved temperature accuracy

  • Short term drift eliminated

  • New firmware improves long term stability

  • Works with all common incubators including Minc

  • All new auto-archiving data capture software

Why use the RI pH Meter?

The RI pH Meter provides accurate, real-time analysis of media pH within the incubator using its unique custom IVF pH probe. The probe fits into all incubators and allows embryologists to adjust the CO2 concentration to obtain the correct pH in the media. No more guesswork or assumptions when trying to deliver the correct pH for the media being used. Measuring the pH of culture media accurately is extremely difficult because the pH of media droplets under oil shifts above 7.4 within just 2mins 30 seconds of removal from the incubator. So the likelihood is, if measuring the pH of media outside of the incubator, that you are measuring artefact pH Levels.

How is it used?

A media droplet is made up in the pH probe well and placed in the incubator. The thin ribbon cable can be passed out through a sample port or through the incubator door. The pH meter will then measure the pH in real-time displaying the value on the digital readout.

How does it work?

The probe has a semiconductor sensor at the tip. The probe is placed in a holder with a central well which allows a media/oil sample to be placed on top of it. The probe contains a reference electrode that produces a voltage dependant on the pH of the solution. The probe also contains a thermistor to measure the temperature of the sample and compensate the reading.

Software Trend Analysis

As an optional extra the meter can have onboard memory for datalogging. Test results stored by the pH meter may be easily downloaded to a personal computer for analysis and printing. With the new auto archiving software, the software is simpler and easier to use. 

List of worldwide distributors and further information can be found on our website www.research-instruments.com

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Customer Reviews (5)
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Genadia Mirco   09 February 2023
Request for information
Hello, Do you export to the Republic of North Macedonia and what is the ex works price for single instrument. Regards!
Mehtab Hussain Nizamani   23 November 2021
Ph probe
can i get its new pH probe?
Muhammad Irfan   23 November 2018
Price of RI pH-Meter
Kindly send quotation of RI pH-Meter without probe for IVF Lab.
Muhammad Irfan   23 November 2018
Price of RI pH-Meter
Kindly send quotation of RI pH-Meter without probe.
Mukund Bhor   19 October 2011
What is the approximate price of this pH meter?

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