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Assisted Reproduction Education - Certificates and Diplomas

Course Contact Person: Raghu
Diploma in Clinical Embryology and Assisted Reproductive Techineques Diploma in Clinical Embryology & ART is a 6 months program, its main purpose is to provide intence hands-on  training in Complete Embryology. Hands-on training is not on Simulator but its real time with real time samples.  This course ensures the through and complete working knlowledg... [Read More]

Any science Graduates,

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Course Contact Person: Mr Sudhakar
ICSI Hands on Training Course 1 week.   Hands on Micromanipulation techniques. Eppendorf and Narishige machines. Human IVF Lab observation.... [Read More]

Any Bachelors degree

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Course Contact Person: Raghu
CLINICAL EMBRYOLOGY & ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY *STUDY WITH US FROM HOME* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLINICAL EMBRYOLOGY & ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *HURRY GET YOURSELF REGISTERED TODAY* *LIMITED SEATS - 10 INTAKES... [Read More]

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Course Contact Person: Clara Lawrance
Become an IVF Expert by joining India's No. 1 training institute - IIRRH IVF is one of the best effective medical treatments in the modern-day context, where the maximum number of people, both male and female, is going through fertility-related problems. The growing demand for IVF therapies has created a boom in the ART field. Now-a-days specialized IVF clinics are becom... [Read More]

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Course Contact Person: Mr Kayode Ajayi
Blended course integrating sound theoretic content with hands-on practical training. 12months duration.  Administered by well qualified and experienced practitioners based in Nigeria and UK.... [Read More]

Bachelors degree in the basic sciences

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Course Contact Person: Yaseen Mirza
Post Graduate Diploma in IVF & Reproductive Medicine Bangladesh AECS in collaboration with Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH), & CARe Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh proudly announce Post Graduate Diploma in IVF & Reproductive Medicine. This course provides one-on-one comprehensive training in the clinical management & Laboratory ... [Read More]

Minimum Qualifications:MBBS Course Fee:AED 3675 (1000 USD)

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Course Contact Person: Clara Lawrance
Top rated Institute for Assisted Reproductive Technology Course - IIRRH International Institute for Training and Research in Reproductive Health helps the students in giving best training which will help them in enhancing both their skills and knowledge. The team which we have in IIRRH are well qualified and holds a very good experience. There is always an interactive s... [Read More]

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Course Contact Person: Marc Van den Bergh
ITCART University Zürich 1 WEEK INDIVIDUAL TRAINING IN ALL ART TECHNIQUES 7 hours laboratory hands on per day individual microscope stations participants limited to 2 per intake , guarantee for personalised training accomodation in the boarding school included in the course fee all meals included in the course fee c... [Read More]

Open to laboratory technicians, trainee embryologists, veterinarians, clinicians interested in getting more practice.

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Course Contact Person: Lien Wets
IVM: Patient-tailored reproductive medicine for PCO(S) and oncofertility patients 7-8 May 2020  This workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of In Vitro Maturation and its application in PCO(S) and oncofertility as well as ovarian tissue preservation. The wo... [Read More]

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Course Contact Person: Martine Nijs
This two-day workshop aims to provide an introduction to the procedures used in blastocyst biopsy and handling of biopsied cells. Methods for biopsy and cell tubing, including pipettes, media and equipment will be discussed.  Hands-on sessions will allow participants to practice biops... [Read More]

Lab technicians, clinical embryologists, research scientists with micromanipulation experience wishing to learn the basics of trophectoderm biopsy or improve their technique.

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