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Position Wanted: EMBRYOLOGIST
"My aim is to be good embryologist with the best of my ability so that valuable contribution to society and organization is made to obtain a challenging position in my career."
Views: 13Updated: 12 November 2019

2. JEFALI SHAH (India)

Position Wanted: Embryologist

Views: 32Updated: 11 November 2019

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3. Suresh Kumar Yadav (Nepal)

Position Wanted: Senior Clinical Embryologist/ Clinical Embryologist

Views: 38Updated: 07 November 2019

4. Marco Nadalini (Italy)

Position Wanted: Clinical Embryologist
"To hold the position of Clinical Embryologist, by providing my expertise in research, clinical embryology and all IVF procedures, my skills in communication & data presentation, training & scientific support, analysis of scientific literature, as well as in management of clinical and research trials, acquired in over 16 years of experience."
Views: 73Updated: 28 October 2019

5. Marco Pellegrini (Italy)

Position Wanted: Embryolgist
Marco Pellegrini "Proficiency in all routine embryology duties and laboratory procedures, 4 years of experience, I'm looking for a new challenging job opportunity."
Views: 114Updated: 19 October 2019

6. Jorge Fernández (Spain)

Position Wanted: Embryologist
Jorge Fernández
Views: 124Updated: 13 October 2019

7. Maria Rojas (Netherlands)

Position Wanted: Embryologist
"Fully trained embryologist with 6 years of experience. Capability to manage and coordinate several activities efficiently. Ability to work as part of a team to provide quality care for patients seeking in vitro fertilization treatment."
Views: 117Updated: 23 October 2019

8. Ana Velasco (Belgium)

Position Wanted: Embryologist
"Embryologist and Biologist. My goal is to become the best embryologist I can be to help other people. To reach it, I am willing to move abroad as I already did in the past."
Views: 173Updated: 10 October 2019

9. Jo Johnson (United Kingdom)

Position Wanted: Experienced Locum Embryologist Available
"Clinical Embryologist with over 30 years experience available for locum work."
Views: 129Updated: 04 October 2019

10. Ratna Deepika Sreerama (India)

Position Wanted: Embryologist
"In pursuit of a job as an embryologist at a center with a potential for personal growth as well as being a valuable asset to the organisation"
Views: 165Updated: 01 October 2019

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