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1. Manasvi Joshi (India)

Position Wanted: Trainee/Junior Embryologist
"Seeking an opportunity to utilize my skills & be as competent as possible in becoming a better IVF Scientist and Embryologist and gain better skills with effectiveness for the treatment of infertile couples."
Views: 26Updated: 23 September 2021

2. Pooja Chauhan (India)

Position Wanted: Junior/Trainee Embryologist

Views: 40Updated: 21 September 2021

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3. Carmen Pacios (Spain)

Position Wanted: Trainee Embryologist
Carmen Pacios "MSc in Biotechnology of Assisted Human Reproduction (IVIRMA). 3 month clinical experience in IVF lab and 1 year administrative experience in e-learning in the field of human reproduction. Currently looking for a trainee embryologist position to be fully trained in IVF procedures and ultimately work as a clinical embryologist. Willing to relocate."
Views: 214Updated: 13 September 2021

4. Ashwini (India)

Position Wanted: Embryologist

Views: 165Updated: 13 September 2021

5. Confidential (United Kingdom)

Position Wanted: Fertility Specialist

Views: 190Updated: 08 September 2021

6. Renata Finelli (United Kingdom)

Position Wanted: Junior Embryologist
Renata Finelli
Views: 243Updated: 04 September 2021

7. Ahmad Metwalley (KSA)

Position Wanted: Senior Embryologist
"looking for position at any country"
Views: 328Updated: 21 August 2021

8. Kiran (India)

Position Wanted: Clinical Embryologist
"To be a competent IVF Scientist and work with zest in efficacious treatment of infertile couples in fertility organization anywhere in the world where my university studies in science combined with my technical and generic skills can be utilized."
Views: 360Updated: 11 August 2021

9. Dr. jitendra choudhary (India)

Position Wanted: Embryologist
Views: 164Updated: 10 August 2021

10. Ahmed Tawfik (United Kingdom)

Position Wanted: Reproductive science practitioner / Trainee Embryologist / Junior Embryologist
"A proactive researcher, with passion for reproductive medicine and fertility. With an MSc in Clinical Embryology, I am seeking a role that elevates my skills and experience to become a capable embryologist; and to apply my knowledge in a clinical setting to work towards STP training (or equivalent) and prospective HCPC registration."
Views: 420Updated: 23 July 2021

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