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1. Sonu Lukose (India)

Position Wanted: Senior Embryologist / IVF Lab Manager
"ESHRE Certified Senior Clinical Embryologist, ready to relocate by February 2022."
Views: 26Updated: 30 November 2021

2. Somayyeh Sadat Tahajjodi (United Kingdom)

Position Wanted: Clinical Embryologist

Views: 68Updated: 12 November 2021

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3. Samir Debs (Russian Federation)

Position Wanted: Senior Embryologist

Views: 82Updated: 02 November 2021

4. Pooja Chauhan (India)

Position Wanted: Trainee/Junior Embryology
"I am medical Science enthusiast with a Post Graduation diploma degree in Clinical Embryology, looking forward to pursue a challenging career in the field of IVF and add more values to the organisation with my commitment, hard-work and skills."
Views: 311Updated: 16 October 2021

5. Alexandra de Oliveira (United Kingdom)

Position Wanted: Senior Embryologist

Views: 173Updated: 22 October 2021

6. Naresh Singh Baghel (India)

Position Wanted: Junior Embryologist
"To work in an organisation where professionalism and enthusiasm is recognised and work continues towards increasing my technical skills and professional expertise and also intended work in research field in future."
Views: 111Updated: 09 October 2021

7. Karem Mahmoud (Egypt)

Position Wanted: Senior embryologist
"Senior embryologist"
Views: 127Updated: 05 October 2021

8. Shubham vyas (India)

Position Wanted: Embryologist

Views: 124Updated: 05 October 2021

9. Ankan Mukherjee (India)

Position Wanted: Embryologist

Views: 130Updated: 28 September 2021

10. Manasvi Joshi (India)

Position Wanted: Trainee/Junior Embryologist
"Seeking an opportunity to utilize my skills & be as competent as possible in becoming a better IVF Scientist and Embryologist and gain better skills with effectiveness for the treatment of infertile couples."
Views: 440Updated: 23 September 2021

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