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1. JUSTINA AJAYI (Nigeria)

"Highly self-inspired, keen on giving the best even in the most challenging environment; willing learner who is naturally disposed to add value and making impact everywhere through optimal utilization of organization’s resources. Committed to human capital and institutional development."
Views: 9Updated: 20 October 2018

2. Chrysostomi Mourvaki (United Kingdom)

Position Wanted: Trainee Embryologist/Reproductive technician
Chrysostomi Mourvaki
Views: 91Updated: 11 October 2018

3. Marta Quintero (Spain)

Position Wanted: Trainee embryologist
"I'm looking a position as trainee embryologist/clinical embryologist in an IVF clinic"
Views: 100Updated: 06 October 2018

4. Aqsa Khan (Canada)

Position Wanted: Embryologist

Views: 146Updated: 28 September 2018

5. Stefanie Gattinger (Austria)

Position Wanted: Embryologist

Views: 120Updated: 28 September 2018

6. Anagha Rane (India)

Position Wanted: Clinical Embryologist
"Position as an clinical embryologist in an renowned IVF centre"
Views: 173Updated: 24 September 2018

7. Lina Elmasry (United Kingdom)

Position Wanted: Trainee Embryologist
"I graduated from the University of Aberdeen with an MSci in Human Embryology and Developmental Biology. I am looking for a trainee position to pursue my passion of becoming a certified embryologist."
Views: 188Updated: 17 September 2018

8. Ana-Maria Mutoiu (Romania)

Position Wanted: Junior embryologist/trainee/lab technician
"Recent graduate of MSc in Biology and Technology of Reproduction, I am seeking to take in my career to my next level and work in an embryology/in vitro fertilization clinic. I am highly motivated to be part of a professional team where I can develop my skills and put into practice the theoretical knowledge I gained during my master degree."
Views: 202Updated: 14 September 2018

9. Dr. Tanaya Narendra (United Kingdom)

Position Wanted: Trainee Embryology
"Looking for trainee/embryologist positions. I am an internationally trained physician-scientist, interested in reproductive medicine, assisted reproduction, and fertility preservation. I have been formally trained in IVF, ICSI, IVM, Assisted Hatching, Ovarian Stimulation Protocols, and Cell Culture techniques."
Views: 203Updated: 11 September 2018

10. Sandy mohamed (Egypt)

Position Wanted: Embryologist
"Iam fresh graduate , BCs biotechnology and biomolecular chemistry faculty of science cairo university Passionate about IVF, seeking to work within an embryology laboratory""
Views: 202Updated: 30 August 2018

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