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ahmad samir

Full Name: ahmad samir
Position Sought: senior embryologist
Primary Language: arabic
Address: asseer
Telephone: 00201222566664 / 0096896454792
E-mail: Contact ahmad
 Profile and objectives
•Getting more experience in the field of Theriogenology (Reproductive Biotechnology) Where my education, research and professional skills will be used, enhanced and development •Improving my income and ensuring a better future for myself •Having a satisfactory rewarding job in a filed I'm interested in.
  Main resume


ü  Personal Skills:

Realistic-Target Oriented-Dedicated-Responsible-Honest.-Team Building Proficiency –Team Spirit-Work under Pressure-Accept Criticism - Orientation-Productive - Friendly, always smiling even under hard conditions. – Creative - Open minded and confident enough to handle any problems - Ambitious and looking for the best.


Professional Skills:

1-      Medical courses ( IN EGYPT)

Theoretical and Practical Course  certified from Cairo University (ARRI) center

  • in  IUI ,selection of patient  for ART ,factor affecting success of ICSI ,Ovulation induction, complication of ICSI ,prevention of OHSS, embryos transfer ,  Luteal phase support of ICSI , ICSI  basics of lap, semen  processing,( OPU / ET –semen analysis and preparation –sperm  manipulation – verification) ( from Middle East fertility society and Benha medicine faculty)
  • Using of PCR  in IVF  technology


2-medical courses (IN INDIA)

  • one year Course certified from infertility research center
    • Basic instrumentation - Inverted microscope and Micro manipulator
    • Alignment of micromanipulator and loading of micro tools
    • Sperm preparation from various types of samples like ejaculate
    • oocyte preparation for ICSI & IVF
    • dish preparation for ICSI & IVF
    • ICSI,IVF,IUI and PGD
    • loading of sperm and oocyte on repaired ICSI dish & IVF dish
    • sperm immobilization and loading of the immobilized sperm in the injected micropipette holding of denuded oocyte and performing ICSI
    • Mechanical and chemical hatching. LAH (Laser Assisted Hatching) and IMSI.
    • Embryo freezing ,thawing and verification
    • Semen  freezing and thawing
Career History:

Career history and experience

From 8\2014

Privet IVF center                                                                    Oman

Work as senior embryologist


From 12\ 2012  till 6\2014

In Dr Husein Othman Polyclinic. , IVF                                         Saudi Arabia

Job title: senior embryologist


 February2010 to 12\2012

The zenat alhyah  ivf center                                                 – Sudan  --in

Job title: senior embryologist

Performs all of the laboratory aspects of assisted human reproductive technologies, endocrinology and Andrology in an IVF lap. This includes egg preparation, egg identification, sperm preparation, fertilization, micromanipulation, embryo incubation, and embryo preparation for transfer, verification, freezing …………………


9 SEP 2006 till 9 \ 2009

Saudi German hospital                                                             Saudi Arabia  

Job Title :( Embryologist)

I spent 3 years in worked there as embryologist 


       From    8/2004 till 9\2006

Animal Reproduction Research Institute (ARRI) Its main responsibilities were the examination of animals used for artificial insemination in addition to examining samples for diagnostic purposes I was work as embryologist

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15 years

  • Master o f Vet Medicine (Mvsc.)  in IVF Theriogenology Department

"Using of IVF in Improve Maturation and Fertilization rates of Oocytes "


  • Diploma in artificial insemination 
Personal details:


  • Name                :      Ahmed elmadany
  • Address            :        Oman
  • Marital status  :              single.
  • Date of birth                 :    23/11/1977.
  • Mobile                            :0096896454792                                               00201222566664
  • E-mail             :         Egypt_ivf@yahoo.com
Interests and Hobbies:

reading in IVF

Further Information:









ارجوا مشاهده هذه الفيديوهات علي اليوتيوب للتعرف علي اكثر 

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