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Reviews - Cryopreservation

1. Open Pulled Straw (OPS) Vitrification System [VitaVitro Biotech]

Open Pulled Straw (OPS) Vitrification System The Open Pulled Straw (OPS) was the first purpose designed tool for ultra-rapid vitrification. Introduced by Professor Gábor Vajta in 1998, OPS is recognized as one of the best high-rate cooling-warming vitrification methods, widely respected for its efficiency, practicality and versatility.
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2. Cryolock Vitrification Device [Biotech]

Cryolock Vitrification Device Cryolock is a useful and practical tool, which has been designed and developed in order to make the vitrification process more comfortable and efficient. Cryolock, can be used in human and animal IVF labs as well as research centers. It is used in ART and animal biotechnology for vitrification and storage of oocytes and embryos under liquid nitrogen conditions.
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