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ZyMōt™ Sperm Separation Devices

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ZyMōt™ ICSI and ZyMōt™ Multi Sperm Separation Devices

From DxNow

Utilizing currently available methods, the embryologist is challenged to select the “right” sperm for use in ART procedures. Furthermore, current procedures requiring centrifugation cause irreversible damage to the sperm due to DNA fragmentation and the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). DxNow has developed novel devices for use in assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures conducted by fertility clinics and OB/GYN practices. The ZyMōt devices are intended for preparing motile sperm from semen for use in the treatment of infertile couples by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), intrauterine insemination (IUI), and in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. These devices will be the first of their kind in the U.S. market.

The ZyMōt devices simulate the cervical and uterine pathway that sperm must navigate to naturally fertilize an egg, recreating a process that has been preserved in nature for millions of years. With the goal of mimicking nature, ZyMōt devices facilitate the separation and preparation of highly-motile sperm with normal morphology for use in ART procedures. Presenting a simple and straight-forward methodology, the ZyMōt devices provide considerable time savings when compared to conventional methods.

  • Zymōt fertility devices eliminate the need for time-consuming sample preparation and sperm damaging centrifugation.
  • The result is a simple and fast method, enabling the embryologist to consistently select sperm with higher motility, better morphology, less damaging ROS generation and lower DNA fragmentation.

Advantages of Zymōt Fertility Devices

  • Separation of the “right” sperm and…
    • require no sample preparation
    • standardize and simplify processing
    • require no sperm damaging centrifugation
    • sperm separated in volumes required by ICSI, IUI and IVF
    • channel dimensions and incubation timing optimized for maximum separation efficiency
    • select sperm with high motility, normal morphology, low ROS, low DNA fragmentation

ZyMōt Device Descriptions:

ZyMōt ICSI and ZyMōt Multi Sperm Separation Devices are used to prepare motile sperm for assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures. Both devices separate sperm based on motility. The ZyMōt ICSI and the ZyMōt Multi are sterile and single use only. The mechanism of action for both is separation of sperm based on motility within a microenvironment created by the micro-channels of the ZyMōt ICSI or the micro-pores in the filter of the ZyMōt Multi. The primary difference between the devices is the processing volume. The ZyMōt ICSI has a processing volume of 2µl per micro-channel. The ZyMōt Multi is manufactured in two (2) processing volumes, 850µl and 3ml.

The ZyMōt ICSI has 5 micro-channels; each accommodating 2µl of semen. More than one micro-channel is available to accommodate multiple separations. Each channel has an inlet port for applying the semen sample and an outlet port for collecting the motile sperm. The ports are connected by a fluid-filled micro-channel in which the separating occurs. Untreated semen is added through the inlet port. After a period of time, the separated sperm are collected from the outlet port.

The ZyMōt Multi (provided with 850µl and 3ml collection chambers) has an inlet port that communicates with the lower sample chamber. The sample chamber is separated from the upper collection chamber by a microporous filter. Untreated semen is added through the inlet port. After a period of time, the separated sperm are collected from the upper chamber through the outlet port.

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