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ARTis - SIMPLIFY YOUR IVF PRACTICE MANAGEMENT About ARTis: ARTis™ (Assisted Reproductive Technology Information System) – a unique and futuristic web-based Fertility treatment software that addresses the need for clinical, administrative, and patient support services of your IVF centre. Our solution springs out of a thorough understanding of the IVF process and managing IVF centers. This simple and effective solution is a result of the collaborative effort of proven and highly experienced IT professionals and IVF specialists. ARTis is a futuristic and unique IVF clinic software that caters to the complete business requireme [Read more.]

2. requirement of secondhand laser assisted hatching in working condition

Required a second hand laser assisted hatching machine in working condition for an ivf centre .if someone interested can contact in following details.prices negotiable. email- contact no. 7002457351 [Read more.]

3. IVFTech.in electronic witnessing system

IVFTech.in electronic witnessing system Infertility treatment is a very precise and personal process and IVFTech.in witness helps to maintain the integrity and security of operational or lab process for both healthcare providers and patients. IVFTech.in electronic witnessing system track the patient ID throughout process or consumables usage. Barcode labels will scan and witness log will generate with process or sub process name, date and time, performer name etc. In case of wrong ID detect, IVFTech.in witness system alerts and prevent user to go further steps. IVFTech.in electronic witnessing system also can use to maintain consu [Read more.]

4. Need used/second hand micromanipulators and microscopes

Please we wish to buy second hand IVF/ ICSI equipment. Please write me replies immediately . [Read more.]

5. IVF Lab Quality management through android device

IVF Lab Quality management through android device IVFTech.in annouonce an android app to continue monitor IVF Lab equipments parameters for quality control and assurance through tablet remotely. Client can add as many instrument or parameter as needed from their end. Client can access measurement on demand with graphical analytics from their android device. Client also can export data in excel sheet for complience / record purpose. Download our demo android app from http://ivftech.in/web/apk/qms.apk , select client login, input user id 'demo' password 'demo' after that press analytics and select appropriate instrument and pa [Read more.]


OXYGEN CONTROLLER TO RETROFIT CO2 INCUBATORS O2-CONTROLLER controls O2 in the hypoxia range in any bench top incubator or semi sealed volume, by infusing N2. It is compatible with the built in CO2 controller of the incubator and allows to upgrade any CO2 incubator to hypoxia conditions. http://www.oko-lab.com/gas-mixing/for-cell-culture-incubators/o2-controller [Read more.]

7. ICSI T & CO2 enclosure

ICSI T & CO2 enclosure The ICSI Temperature and CO2 enclosure maintains a stable and uniform temperature and CO2 concentration all around the ICSI workstation. http://www.oko-lab.com/ivf/icsi-t-co2-enclosure [Read more.]


TRIGAS MIXER FOR BENCHTOP INCUBATORS Okolab manufactures TriGas Mixers for benchtop incubator like MINC, BT37 and Geri. Two models available one feeding up to 7 benchtop incubators and a larger one feeding up to 25 benchtop incubators http://www.oko-lab.com/ivf/tri-gas-mixer [Read more.]

9. Heated plates for microscopes and stereomicroscopes

Heated plates for microscopes and stereomicroscopes Okolab manufactures glass and metal plates for stereomicroscopes, inverted microscopes and upright microscopes http://www.oko-lab.com/ivf [Read more.]

10. ivftech.in - Best IVF Software solutions and ART Management

ivftech.in - Best IVF Software solutions and ART Management IVFTech.in is a burgeoning application software development company in India. In the current scenario, strategies of hospitals have turned to the latest technology for their quality improvement or expansion and diversification needs, and have reaped the optimum benefits. We help you in tapping these type of vast resources for your benefit. Our innovative solutions, technologically driven workflow and pioneer experience will help to optimize, expand, improve and boost business processes for you towards significant growth. Operational Modules: Patient Registration Appointment schedule Accoun [Read more.]

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