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IMT Matcher – electronic witnessing system for IVF centres and donor banks

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Matcher is a barcode-based electronic witnessing, labelling, scheduling, traceability & data Insights system helping to protect patients, fertility centres and donor banks from the risks of error in IVF.

From IMT Matcher

Matcher double-checks, records and tracks the identity of patients and their barcoded samples, from patient registration through to embryo transfer, PGT and cryo storage, helping to reduce the risks of error with safe and easy to install technology.

Matcher’s software system runs on tablet PCs and uses Benchtop Matcher devices and Pocket Matcher handheld Android Wi-Fi devices, together with label sheet printers, bespoke labels and optional biometric fingerprint readers.

Matcher devices use digital photo images to read the barcoded labels, without the use of lasers, radio frequency radiation, supplementary heating or any equipment modifications.

Matcher integrates with all EMR systems, the hardware can be supplied with the system, at no capital cost, and the install is quick and easy with our dedicated expert technical support team, on-hand 24/7.

Helps prevent errors in fertility centres

  • Error alerts
    • Alerts to potential mistakes before an incorrect transfer of material occurs anywhere, including freezing, thawing and PGT
  • Electronic recording
    • Automatic recording of logins and patient identifiers as well as eliminating the risks associated with paper records, manual entry and spreadsheets
  • Advanced witnessing with UniTrack
    • UniTrack labels, identifies, selects and matches same-numbered embryos and biopsies for a procedure as well recording and validating the intended fate

Safeguards with proof at every step

  • Photographic proof
    • Stored photographic history of every witness step gives visual evidence of patient and unique item label details on all labware and complete cycle photographic history
  • Chain of custody evidence
    • Complete evidence trail of ‘who, what, where and when’ at every witnessing step
  • Product traceability
    • Automatically tracks the number of every product lot used in each patient step

Reduces staff time and work-load

  • No second person required
    • Staff can autonomously witness each procedure in seconds, with reduced disruption, distraction and overtime hours
  • Automates compliance
    • Reduces the burden of compliance for many legal, regulatory and quality management requirements
  • EMR integration
    • Integrates with EMR systems via open API, automatically importing / exporting patient information, eliminating time and risk of data entry duplication

Provides insights for continual improvement

  • Real-time view
    • Live overview of workflow scheduling gives instant ‘traffic light’ view of daily cycle tasks and patient cycle status
  • Data Insights
    • Interactive data visualisation dashboards give instant Insights and identify inefficiencies and outliers
  • Total quality management
    • Easily accessible data to assess key areas for improvement and standardisation as part of TQMS

What do our customers say ?

Dr. Nicolás Prados, PhD
Director, IVF Laboratory, IVI Sevilla

“Matcher complements our standard approach to total quality management across the IVI network.”

Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea PhD, HCLD
Vice President of Scientific Advancement, Ovation Fertility, USA

“The data that Matcher provides will help us pinpoint process bottlenecks, standardize best practices, and estimate staffing and scheduling needs based on each lab’s real-time demand for services and unique mix of cycles and procedures”

George Koustas
Lab Director, The Agora Clinic, UK

“We use Matcher extensively as a lab tool for stock receipt and management as well as traceability - giving us alerts when a product is about to expire and reporting out the patients who come into contact with certain products.”

Gerry Celia, PhD, HCLD
Lab Director, Dominion Fertility, Arlington, VA, USA

“Because there is no capital cost and the fees are per cycle, we have been able to demonstrate significant cost savings from day one.”

Simone Creamer,
Laboratory Director Kinderwunschzentrum Ludwigsburg, Germany

“Matcher offers a safety net, particularly if you are doing up to 20 egg retrievals a day, it means that we can go home with a good feeling and certainty that everything has been done without a fault.”


Inspiring confidence, peace-of-mind and well-being for management, staff and patients

Fertility centres using Matcher work with confidence knowing that they have protected their staff and patients from the risk of mistakes, that the technology is safe, and they have a quality management system that streamlines their working practices, saving time and money.

[email protected]

T: +44 (0)1829 771 327

To find your local distributor visit www.imtinternational.com/distributors or contact us to arrange an online demonstration.

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