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Reviews - Micromanipulation

1. Holding Micropipets [Labotect]

Holding Micropipets Holding micropipets are microtools used to hold and immobilize the oocyte or blastocyst....
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2. ICSI Micropipets

ICSI Micropipets ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) micropipets are used to aspirate and inject the sperm cell directly into the oocyte....
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3. ZILOS-tk Laser System

ZILOS-tk Laser System The ZILOS-tk features a Class 1 Laser integrated into a specially designed 40x objective and the patented Isotherm Rings - the Original Embryo Safeguard! No other system gives you the ease of use, flexibility, and portability of the ZILOS-tk!  New Features (Oct. 2007) Time-lapse video: Define the caoture inter...
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4. Screw Actuated Syringe

Screw Actuated Syringe SAS-SE AIR SYRINGE For Air-Assisted Micro-Injection and Micro Aspiration The SAS-SE air syringe provides sensitive control, extremely low dead-air volume and a capacity of 10ml. When required, the syringes can generate high pressure or suction The screw-actuated syringe is a small, complete unit, incorporating a circ...
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5. SaturnActive laser system

SaturnActive laser system RI is proud to announce the launch of the all-new SaturnActive laser system - The world's first directional laser for IVF. Utilising cutting edge robotic technology, laser ablation is now truly under the user's control. Simply position your embryo anywhere in the field of view, click the area of zona to be re...
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6. Integra Ti

Integra Ti A dedicated system for ICSI, PGD and Transgenics Never before has micromanipulation been so easy thanks to RI's latest innovation - the Integra micromanipulation system. The revolutionary Integra is incorporated entirely within the microscope stage. The stage surface itself is larger, yet the Integra takes up a fr...
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7. The Research Instruments range of micropipettes

The Research Instruments range of micropipettes The Research Instruments range of micropipettes is individually hand-crafted by highly trained technicians.  Each micropipette is individually packed in a Twista-PakTM. Five Twista-Paks are then sealed into a blister- pack to ensure that the micropipettes remain sterile and protected during freight.  The mi...
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