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1. Precision™ Embryo Transfer Syringe (0.25ml)

Precision™ Embryo Transfer Syringe (0.25ml) This extra long, ultra low volume syringe give superior and more precise control over any other embryo transfer syringe.
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2. EMTRAC SET Embryo Transfer Catheter [Gynetics]

EMTRAC SET Embryo Transfer Catheter The Gynetics Emtrac Set, Embryo Transfer Catheter SET. Is an extra thin embryo transfer catheter for difficult cases. It features a positioner for depth adjustment; a combination of a soft, flexible intrauterine catheter and a solid cervix catheter; markings on outer tube for easy positioning soft loading catheter to minimalize trauma and a handle with luer lock for a more secure fitting to syringes.
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3. Embryo Transfer Catheter Set [Labotect]

Embryo Transfer Catheter Set The Labotect embryo transfer catheter set has an updated and proven design. The Luer attachment at the proximal end of the guiding cannula permits trouble-free insertion of inner catheter. The penetration depth and the direction can be set at the guiding cannula and at the inner catheter using two sliding rings.
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