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Fat Molecule-Found during Egg Pick Up-In Follicular Fluid

Follicular fluid content(Fat Molecule) and oocyte quality

13 July 2014

implanted embryos

These embryos were implanted successfully and gave a healthy pregnancy

11 July 2014

Day 8 embryos

Day 8 embryos they was normal by FISH but affected by PCR.

we used SAGE media

Day 0 to day 3 Cleavage media

Day 3 to day 5 Blastocyst media

Day 5 to Day 8 Cleavage media


03 December 2012

Blastomere fixation

Nucleus after fixation during preperation for FISH.


03 December 2012

Keep optemistic

Case was with three eggs, one of them get zona free, we injected, and incubated but that time we did not consider it for ET, after ET we checked it we found it with promising 8-1 stage, embryo shifted to new media at day 5 we got promising blastocyst.


Never ever take desision
03 December 2012

Zona Free ova

ova librated from its zona during denudation

03 December 2012

Pinched Oocyte

Immature human oocyte with abnormal morphology

30 November 2012



11 October 2012

da7 blastocyst

hatching of day 7 blastocyst

03 October 2012

primary hatching

primary hatching of blastocyst on day 6th

02 October 2012

High Sperm DNA Damage

Sperm DNA damage in a patient exposed to environmental contaminants at work place.

27 August 2012

Initial Stage Hatching Process

Initial stages of the hatching process: The zona is rather thin; membranous material has escaped ahead of the trophoblast.

15 February 2012

Embryo with Oval Shape

Preembryo with an extremely eliptical shape displays eight granular blastomeres.

15 February 2012

Eight Cell stage Embryo

Eight-cell conceptus with a near-prfect morphology. the zona is relatively compact and exhibits almost uniform thickness.

15 February 2012

Four Cell Stage Embryo

Four-cell coonceptus with perfect morphology. The blastomeres are symmetrical and of equal size.

15 February 2012

Double Pronucleate Oocyte

Double-pronucleate oocyte. The aggregation of cytoplasmic organelles causes a deepening of color on the area adjacent to the ronuclei.

15 February 2012

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