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Psedo polar body

An oocyte extruding polar body (white arrow) possessing pseudo polar body (black arrow). Anaphase meiotic spindle visualized with polarized light microscopy.

21 December 2016

Refractile Bodies In Oocytes

Refractile bodies are one of the main morphological abnormalities that can be observed in the cytoplasm of human oocytes.

20 December 2016

Conjoined Oocytes

A Conjoined Oocytes Within One Follicle Have Infrequently Been Practical In Human Assisted Reproduction Thus Indication For The Hypothesis That Some Of The Polyovular Follicles Recognized From Histological Studies Of The Ovary May Persist Awaiting Ovulation. Image Illustrate Immature Oocytes In W
23 April 2016

DNA Damage in Sperm Toroids revealed by Triton X-100 and DTT Pre-treatment before Staining.

Sperm DNA compressed into toroids are exposed by acidified Triton X-100 and DTT pre-treatment (Biomed Res Int. 2015;2015:780983). DNA damage (darker color) is revealed following simple staining (Diff-Quik or Hema 3). "ROC calculated cut-off was >70.0% for normal toroid integrity (sensitiv
19 March 2016

merging blastocysts

Two hatching blastocysts merging into one chimeric blastocyst

01 March 2016

Implanted mouse embryo showing inner cell mass and trophoblasts.

Implanted mouse embryo (Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2015;291:647) showing a dark central group of cells (inner cell mass or ICM) that becomes the fetus while the surrounding trophoblasts give rise to the placenta.

02 March 2016

An egg with cellular fragment in Zona Pellucida

An egg (outlined arrow indicates 1st polar body) with cell fragment (detached additional polar body??) embedded in Zona Pellucida (indicated by filled arrow)

29 February 2016

Immature oocyte with two germinal vesicles

Left - stereomicroscope 40x, arrows indicate germinal vesicles. Right - same oocyte fixed and labelled for actin (phalloidin; cyan to white) and DNA (DAPI; maganta), confocal microscope 60x

29 February 2016

Simple Diff-Quik stain for chromatin integrity including DNA fragmentation.

Dual use of Diff-Quik (Hema 3) for both strict morphology and chromatin integrity (Hum Reprod. 2009;24:28) can be improved (J Reprod Med. 2015;60:6) by an immediate post-stain 1-minute soak-in-water step to distinguish DNA damaged sperm which then appear as dark purple-blue sperm. This is due to
19 March 2016

Difference between WBC and Spermatids
Can you tell which image shows polymorphonuclear leukocytes(PMN) and which image shows spermatids? Answer: The left column are PMN leukocytes or white blood cells (WBC). Diff-Quik stain of semen. Magnification 500x brightfield.
15 February 2016


The multinuclear cell is a result of incomplete spermatogenesis resulting in undivided spermatids as an abnormal round cell. Spermatids with cytoplasm are at the stage just before sperm formation. Diff-Quik stained. 500x

16 February 2016

Zygote with multiple polar bodies

PCOD patient over maturation resulted into polar body anomality but fertilized with IVF

13 July 2015

Fragile Oocyte

Empty Oocyte:Without Nucleoplasm Lysed during denudation.

22 September 2014

Day-3 Embryo With Thin Zona Pellucida- 4.5 microns

A pregnancy by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) of a couple whose oocytes were recovered without a zona pellucida is reported

17 July 2014


Blastocyst-Achieved -Using Closed System-Sequential Media

17 July 2014

Fat Molecule-Found during Egg Pick Up-In Follicular Fluid

Follicular fluid content(Fat Molecule) and oocyte quality

13 July 2014

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