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Zona-Free Oval Shaped Oocyte

Zona- free oval-shaped oocyte at MII of maturation. A first polar body is at the nine-o'clock position

15 February 2012

Uninseminated Oocyte

Uninseminated oocyte with two polar bodies located at opposite poles.

15 February 2012

Degenerative oocyte

Degenerative oocyte with multiple small- and medium-sized vacyoles throughout its necrotic cytoplasm. Significant thickening and distortion of the zona.

15 February 2012

Degenerative oocyte

Degenerative oocyte with large-sized vacuole in degenerating necrotic cytoplasm

15 February 2012

Abnormal oocytes

The patient with 12 years of primary infertility. Male factor is totaly excluded (normal sperm analysis and DNA-fragmentation test) After OPU and denuding we reveal all 12 oocytes of the patient were severely abnormal.

10 February 2012

Native Assessment of Sperm Ultramorphology (NASUM)

Native Assessment of Sperm Ultramorphology - the microscope system developed in Altravita IVF Clinic employed both Hoffman and Nomarski contrast techniques. Resolution increase was attained with light interference suppression via using circularly polarized light. The introduction of addition
20 December 2011

Gient oocyte

Gient oocyte

13 December 2011

Mickey Mouse

Expanded blastocyst (day 5) is hatching through two artificial holes (after assisted hatching by lazer on day 4)-possible origin for  arrising of monozygotic twins after assisted hatching

24 October 2011

Sperm DNA Damage

Sperm DNA damage evaluated with TUNEL assay. Green sperm show DNA damage.

11 July 2011

Immature human oocyte with two germinal vesicles

Immature human oocyte with two germinal vesicles

10 June 2011

sperm nucleus staining

aniline blue staining is a method for differentiationof mature spermatozoa from immature. mature spermatozoa has protamine in its nucleus that dose not stain with aniline blue while immature spermatozoa has histone in its nucleus that stains blue in aniline blue staining.
28 May 2011

3 PB

oocyte with 3 polar body

27 February 2011

abnormal oocyte

These are two abnormal oocytes after hyperstimulation from one cycle. 

17 February 2011

Spermatozoon into the vacuole

Spermatozoon into the vacuole after 18 h post-ICSI

15 December 2010

Hatched Blastocyst

hatched blastocyst enlarging in culture

15 December 2010

Hatching blastocyst

Initial stage of the hatching process

15 December 2010

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