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Hatching blastocyst

Initial stage of the hatching process

15 December 2010

Oocyte with gigant polar body

Oocyte with gigant polar body

15 December 2010

Oval-shaped oocyte

Oval-shaped oocyte at MI

15 December 2010

Zona-free embryo on day 4

Zona-free morula on day 4. 

15 December 2010

Zona-free embryo on day 3

Zona-free embryo on day 3.

15 December 2010

Zona-free embryo on day 2

Zona-free embryo on day 2.

15 December 2010

Zona-free oocyte

First polar body was lost during enzymatic clearing of cumulus cells.

15 December 2010

Cytoplasmic division

One-cell zygote dividing into two blastomeres durimg the first cleavage.

15 December 2010

very big polar body

very big polar body out of embryo

20 November 2010

blastocyst with flower inside

blastocyst with flower inside:) and a patient is  6 months pregnant!

30 September 2010

Thick zona pellucida

a fertilized oocyte with very thick zona pellucida

21 May 2010

Abnormal fertilization

Multiple pronuclei in an inseminated zona-free human oocyte

21 May 2010

Human Empty zona-cumulus-corona cell complex

Empty zona surrounded by cumulus mass

19 April 2010

Multipronucleate embryo with no polar body

This embryo was fertilized by conventional insemination. 3PN were observed however there was no sign of a polar body.

13 April 2010


Day 6 hatching blastocyst

21 March 2010

Atretic Oocyte

Atretic oocyte

20 January 2010

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