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Abnormal oocytes

All oocytes of this patient (31 years old) have this anomalies. Only 6 of 25 fertilized by ICSI.

28 March 2007

Follicular atresia

 20 mature oocytes collected from the same patient.  Inside one of the cumulus cells this matrix captured without hyase procedure.


15 February 2007

Zona fracture after thawing(Slow freezed)

Zona fracture occured after thawing procedure. Eight of one blastomere is necrotic.

Zona thick. Pregnancy positive.

06 February 2007

Thawed day3 embryo (Slowly freezed)

Embryo transfered at the same day of thawing.

06 February 2007

Thawed and injected oocyte

Slow freezing applied

Zona fractures can be seen easily

04 February 2007

Huge granules at the perivitellin space

25 years old woman with normal FSH, LH and E2 levels,

32 years old man with 25 milyon/ml sperm and %0 total motility and %0 sperm morphology(kruger).(Modified Host test applied to sperms during ICSI prosedure).

Long protocol started with 300 rFSH and applied 10 da
04 February 2007

Oocyte with SER

There was rare and dark cumulus cells around the oocyte.

04 February 2007

Central Granulation and 2 PN

Antagonist protocol, typical cenral granulation and Pronucleus appearance

04 February 2007

Giant GV vs Normal GV

A giant egg showing two GV's next to a normal egg at the GV stage.

23 November 2006

Spermiogenesis and Acrosome Formation

Acrosome formation of the human spermatid. Transmission electron microscopy.

07 November 2006

Blastocysts from biopsied embryos

Blastocysts formed from embryos that?have? undergone blastomere biopsy on day three.?

05 November 2006

Day six blastocyst

Day six blastocyst with two apparent inner cell masses; cellular 'bridge' connecting both ICM out of focal plane.

10 October 2006

Strict Morphology Collection: Spermac Stain
Sperm cells are stained using the Spermac stain and Kruger strict criteria morphology performed. The acrosome stains green while the postacrosomal nuclear region is red. Unlike PMN, spermatids are smooth. Fertil Steril 1999;72:124-128.
08 September 2006

"Twin Egg"

Giant M2 oocyte and Small GV oocyte in the same zona

02 July 2006

Hatching from inner cell mass

9th day embryo inside poor culture medium 

01 June 2006

3 PN enucleated 2nd day embryo

Enucleation procedure was recorded to the video on PN day. The biggest PN enucleated.


31 May 2006

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