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Perfect Morulae

Morulae day 4

19 January 2010

zona free embryos, day 2, day 3 and day 5

the journey of the zona free oocyte to  the blastocyst stage.

26 January 2010

twin oocytes, before and after fertilisation

2 ooytes attached eachother from their zona.....one is M2 and the other one is GV.  the pictures of Day 0 and Day 2

18 December 2009

20 April 2009

Aniline Blue Eosin for Sperm Immaturity

Aniline blue assay modified by adding eosin counterstain improved detection of immature sperm characterized by lysine-rich histones. Immature sperm stained dark blue while mature sperm stained red. Normal reference was set at > 75% staining red. Fertil Steril 2008:90;p.1999-2002

15 December 2008

vetrified embryos on the straw
in this image you can see the embryos after it loses all its contents of water
11 November 2008

Square oocytes
Miracle of Nature
10 October 2008

Double oocyte
Abnormal oocytes
10 October 2008

Large oocyte with 2 polar bodies
This oocyte was larger than it's siblings and had two distinct polar bodies at opposite sides of the central axis. The oocyte was injected and gave rise to a 3 pro nucleate embryo.
11 June 2008

Warming of vitrified blastocysts and D2 embryos

Warming of vitrified blastocysts and D2 embryos

21 November 2007

Abnormal spermatozoon under scanned microscope

Four photos of abnormal spermatozoon under scanned microscope

25 October 2007

Abnormal spermatozoon

Abnormal spermatozoon

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  Description:   Sperm
16 August 2007

'Smiling' 2PN

I knew it was going to be a good day during the early morning fertilization check!

2PN with cytoplasmic granulation.

11 June 2007

abnormal oocyte

abnormal oocyte attached to another

08 May 2007

abnormal oocyte

abnormal oocytes

08 May 2007

Fully hatched blastocyst

Day 7 hatched blastocyst, grown in InVitroCare media.

29 March 2007

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