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News: ART & Embryology training program

Chennai Fertility Center and Research Institute 03 November 2022
ART & Embryology training program

December 2022 Training Batch Schedule - 5th Dec - 19th Dec 2022

The International School of Embryology was established to offer training for  Clinicians in advanced Reproductive Technologies. Our skill and precision to all aspirants help them to know in-depth knowledge and experience. The members of our teaching faculty aim to bring doctors and embryologists to the highest level of knowledge about reproductive techniques and practical capability in the field.

Our courses cover basics in Andrology, embryology, ICSI, and cryosciences (Hands-on).

Limited Seats. For admission Contact  9003111598 / 8428278218

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Dr. Sarabpreet Singh 02 November 2022

The Fertilis Academy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


🎯Time: Nov 4, 2022
🕗06:00 PM IST
🕗12:00 PM GMT
🕗01:30 PM WAT

📍Join Zoom Meeting

👉Meeting ID: 861 8304 3379
Passcode: 322000

One tap mobile
+16694449171,,86183043379#,,,,*322000# US
+16699009128,,86183043379#,,,,*322000# US (San Jose)

Dial by your location
+1 669 444 9171 US
+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
+1 689 278 1000 US
+1 719 359 4580 US
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)
+1 309 205 3325 US
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 360 209 5623 US
+1 386 347 5053 US
+1 507 473 4847 US
+1 564 217 2000 US
+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
+1 646 931 3860 US

Meeting ID: 861 8304 3379
Passcode: 322000
Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/ks6TLtooh

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International IVF Initiative 31 October 2022

8th Nov 2022, 3pm EST LIVE, 8pm UK, 9pm CET
This Webinar is sponsored by the Reflections App from IVFqc

Dr. Jean Popwell and Cassie Miller

Dr. Mina Alikani “Reflections on quality control”
Dr. Thomas B. (Rusty) Pool “QC goes to the cloud, comes back QI”
Dr. Gerardo Mendizaba Ruiz " The internet of IVF things"
Michael Skumial " Operational software in IVF and staff scheduling”

With Dr. Alison Campbell and Ineabelle Collazo


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News: UK survey reveals challenges of fertility treatment

Joanne Delange 31 October 2022

A Fertility Network UK survey of 1279 fertility patients has revealed the impact of treatment on mental health, finances, relationships and career.

The survey was conducted by the charity which provides support to be affected by infertility between April - July 2022. Results were published on 31 October 2022 to mark the start of National Fertility Awareness Week. Forty percent of patients responding to the survey reported to have experienced suicidal feelings at some point, 63 percent had paid for their own treatment (at an average cost of £13,750), 36 percent felt their career was damaged as a result and 59 percent reported some detrimental impact on their relationship with their partner.

'…[this] major new survey reveals the far-reaching trauma of infertility, painting a stark, distressing picture of what it is like to experience infertility and fertility treatment in the UK.' said Gwenda Burns, chief executive of Fertility Network UK. 'Fertility patients encounter a perfect storm: not being able to have the child you long for is emotionally devastating, but then many fertility patients face a series of other hurdles, including potentially paying financially crippling amounts of money for their necessary medical treatment, having their career damaged, not getting information from their GP, experiencing their relationships deteriorate, and being unable to access the mental support they need.'

The survey further uncovered that 75 percent of patients felt that their GP didn't provide enough information about fertility problems and treatment, with 51 percent receiving counselling. However, the majority of patients that had counselling had to pay for it themselves, with 78 percent saying that they would have liked to have had counselling if it was free. Nearly half of the patients would have liked to have attended a support group, but did not have one nearby.

According to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), more than 50,000 UK women undergo IVF treatment annually.

'Going through fertility treatment can be one of the most challenging times of a person's life and it's clear from this survey that the emotional, physical and financial implications of fertility, continue to affect patients today.' Julia Chain, chair of the HFEA, said in response to the report. 'Providing fertility care is not just about achieving a pregnancy. A patient's mental health should be a priority too. We are particularly concerned to see that 40 percent of respondents reported suicidal feelings and around half felt depressed. This emphasises the importance of access to counselling which UK licensed clinics are legally required to offer and make available to any patient who wants that support.'

The figures have changed little since the survey in 2016, with participants still reporting inadequate access to NHS-funded fertility treatment and mental-health services, as well as lack of workplace policy and support.

Fertility Network UK's survey was conducted with Dr Nicky Payne, associate professor of psychology at Middlesex University, London and the full report published as 'The Impact of Fertility Challenges and Treatment'.

Burns concluded: 'This is unacceptable. Infertility is a disease and is as deserving of medical help and support as any other clinical condition.'

Sources and References

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News: Exposure to WiFi reduces sperm motility and viability in the lab

Laxmee Ramkhelawon 31 October 2022

A smart phone carrying out a voice call over WiFi, has been shown to negatively affect sperm motility and viability in semen in the laboratory.

Researchers at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Florida, have shown that while semen in vitro was affected by exposure to a mobile phone carrying out a voice call over WiFi, it was not affected by exposure to the same voice call carried out using 4G or 5G. They hypothesised this could be due to increased heat emanating from a voice during a call carried out over WiFi, as well as radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) emitted by the phone.

'The data shows that sperm-exposure to WiFi reduces sperm motility and viability. I have no problem with this conclusion on the basis of the information presented in this abstract, but we need to be cautious about how this is interpreted in a real-world setting,' said Allan Pacey professor of andrology at the University of Sheffield and Progress Educational Trust trustee who was not involved in the research.

He added: 'It is important to note that sperm in the male body before ejaculation do not swim. Therefore, it is a leap of faith to assume that the damaging effects of WiFi signals might affect unactivated sperm in men's bodies in the same way as the authors of this study have shown for ejaculated sperm in the laboratory.'

The abstract of the study was presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine's 2022 scientific congress held 22-26 October 2022 and published in the journal Fertility and Sterility. Researchers had set out to investigate the impact of RF-EMR, which is emitted by smart phones accessing WiFi, 4G and 5G, on sperm motility and viability from ejaculated semen in the laboratory from fertile men between the ages of 25-35 years old. They used a current generation smartphone to carry out a six hour WhatsApp voice call via WiFi, 4G or 5G to generate RF-EMR for the experiment.

The team found a statistically significant association between exposure to WiFi and a decrease in sperm viability, a 13 percent reduction, and sperm motility, a 12 percent reduction. This association was not observed in semen samples that were exposed to 4G or 5G RF-EMR. Noticing the phones became warmer when carrying out the voice call over WiFi than over 4G or 5G networks, researchers hypothesised the effect observed on sperm was due to heat emitted by the phone. To test this researchers also incubated ejaculated semen in a 37C incubator, and found this also affected motility of sperm.

Authors also found the use of a phone case, or increasing the distance of the semen from the smartphone, reduced the effect of WiFi on sperm.

As different phone models behaved differently, the researchers noted that continued research on the association between WiFi exposure and lower sperm motility was needed.

Sources and References

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Marc Van den Bergh 18 October 2022
  • No longer problems of time differences the webinars are recorded and can be viewed on demand
  • You can compose your training according to you budget  it's only 15 CHF per webinar
  • A certification of attendance is mailed after each participation
  • You can test your acquired knowledge with the selfassessment questionnaires.


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International IVF Initiative 16 October 2022

18th Oct 2022, 3pm EST LIVE, 8pm UK, 9pm CET

Dr. Mina Alikani
Natalie Silverman

Panelists: Christianna Makri, Charissa Watchorn, Anastasia Mania, Cynthia Hudson

Dr. Michael Collins: The perils of manual specimen retrieval from IVF
Glenn Proctor: Banking the future?
Dr. Steven Katz: Can you insure an IVF Clinic?
Robert Perkinson: Transforming off-site storage for IVF patients and clinics


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Course: MSc in Clinical Embryology: Applications for entry in October 2023

Laura Rose 09 October 2022
MSc in Clinical Embryology: Applications for entry in October 2023

We no longer accepting applications for applications for the MSc in Clinical Embryology course starting in October 2023. 

This one year, residential, taught MSc provides graduate students, scientists and clinicians with highly advanced theoretical and practical understanding of human reproductive biology, embryology, infertility and assisted reproductive technology (ART) along with intensive ‘hands-on’ practical training in essential laboratory skills and the sophisticated gamete micromanipulation techniques associated with ART. The department's aim is to inspire, motivate and train a network of future leaders in clinical embryology throughout the world.

For details of how apply including the admissions criteria please see our admissions page: http://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/graduate/courses/msc-clinical-embryology 

For further information please contact the Course Coordinator: [email protected] 

Follow us on Twitter: @Ox_MSc_ClinEmb

Photographs: © Medical Sciences Division and John Cairns

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Announcement: Hands on Training 2022

Dr. Sarabpreet Singh 03 October 2022
Hands on Training 2022 The Fertilis Academy in association with Artemis Hospitals is organizing a Hands-on training on 'Gamete Handling/IVF/ICSI' and 'Vitrification of Embryos' from 4th to 13th November, 2022. The venue for the training will be Artemis Hospital, Sector 52, Gurugram. Interested candidates can visit the link https://www.thefertilisacademy.com/hands-on-training/ for details. 📍For any queries, Call us: +91-9899009497 Whatsapp us - https://wa.link/facvm6 Explore more about us at www.thefertilisacademy.com (Find the link in bio.) **Certificate will be awarded at the end of the course.
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International IVF Initiative 26 September 2022

11th Oct 2022, 3pm EST LIVE, 8pm UK, 9pm CET
Giles Palmer
Jessica Bailey

Panelists: Victoria A. Wells, John Condon and Dr. Simon Cooke

Dr. Kristen Ivani : The embryologist's point of view
Deborah Mecerod: Demands of an egg bank
Bret Bollinger: The role of technology in IVF shipping
Dr. Mark Sawicki: The future of cryotransportation
Q and A


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