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Welcome to Hyderabad!

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

We are honored to invite you to be a part of  6TH International Conference of Academy of Clinical Embryologists of India (ACE) being held from 15TH – 17TH September 2017 at Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC), a state of the art conference complex.

The scientific sessions are planned from basics to present advancements to future developments, so as to not only benefit those who are entering the field of ART but also those who want to refine their skills & learn tips & tricks from the masters. 

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News: FDA reprimands US doctor trying to commercialise MRT

14 August 2017 by Georgia Everett

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned a US fertility doctor to stop marketing mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT) – a technique involving the creation of an embryo with DNA from three people.

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News: NHS cutbacks worsen IVF 'postcode lottery' in England

14 August 2017 by Dr Kimberley Bryon-Dodd

Funding cuts by the UK's NHS has meant that 13 areas in England have restricted or halted IVF treatment since the start of 2017, according to Fertility Network UK.

A further eight areas are consulting on taking similar measures, and the situation is worsening says the charity which monitors IVF provision. These cuts amount to a 'postcode lottery' said regional co-ordinator Anya Sizer to Sky News.

NICE recommends that three full cycles of IVF are offered to women under 40 who have not become pregnant after trying to conceive for two years. Currently, only 27 of England's 207 CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) meet this guidance.

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IVF Journal Updates: Reproductive BioMedicine Online - Current issue Volume 35 • Issue 3 September 2017

13 August 2017 by Reproductive BioMedicine Online

Articles include:

First evidence that endometrial-like organoids can develop from the endometrial mesenchymal stem/stromal cell population 
Martin H. Johnson 

Karyomapping: a single centre's experience from application of methodology to ongoing pregnancy and live-birth rates 
Jara Ben-Nagi, Dagan Wells, Karen Doye, Kalliopi Loutradi, Holly Exeter, Emily Drew, Samer Alfarawati, Roy Naja, Paul Serhal 

Residual ethylene glycol and dimethyl sulphoxide concentration in human ovarian tissue during warming/thawing steps following cryopreservation 
Yusuke Nakamura, Ryuichiro Obata, Noriyuki Okuyama, Nobuya Aono, Tomoko Hashimoto, Koichi Kyono 
Open Access

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Announcement: Announcement of embryology training-2017

10 August 2017 by Dr Yogita

Asia Pacific Institute of Embryology (ASPIER), one of the best training institutes in the world is now accepting admissions for August batch. Known for its intensive hands-on approach with the aim of developing skills in embryology particularly ICSI and vitrification, ASPIER is a sought after place for embryology training fromall over the world as it ensures that the trainees acquire the embryology skills. ASPIER is the only institute where trainees will actually perform the whole process of IVF, ICSI and Vitrification in addition to denudation of oocytes, testicular tissue processing, sperm DNA fragmentation, etc.

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News: US lab has edited human embryos for first time

02 August 2017 by Charlotte Spicer

Scientists in the US may have successfully used genome editing in human embryos to correct disease  mutations, according to an exclusive report by MIT Technology Review.

The results of the study are yet to be published, but the work – led by Professor Shoukhrat Mitalipov at the Oregon Health and Science University, Portland – is believed to include the largest number of successfully modified embryos produced using CRISPR technology.

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News: Multiple rounds of IVF increase chance of success

02 August 2017 by Annabel Slater

IVF success rates increase with multiple rounds.

The finding comes from the first study to report cumulative live birth rates for women undergoing assisted reproductive treatment (ART), including up to eight cycles of IVF.

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News: Western sperm counts fall by half in past 40 years

02 August 2017 by Dr Katie Howe

Sperm counts of men in developed nations have fallen by 52 percent in the last 40 years.

An analysis, which combined the results of 185 studies carried out between 1973 and 2011, also showed that the average sperm concentration had dropped by nearly 60 percent. The reasons for this decline remain unclear.

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News: A new service for fertility patients

24 July 2017 by Annabel Slater

The HFEA, Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, has just launched its new website. With a fresh, clear design, the site aims to help patients navigate a stressful and often overwhelming journey by providing friendly, impartial information.

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Announcement: MSc clinical embryology & preimplantation genetics

19 July 2017 by Dr Yogita
MSc clinical embryology & preimplantation genetics

University of Mysore, MSc in Clinical Embryology & Pre-implantation Genetics
Admission open for July 2017 batch.

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