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Pasquale Patrizio, Michael J Tucker, Vanessa Guelman
A Color Atlas for Human Assisted Reproduction: Laboratory and Clinical Insights (Hardcover) Atlas presenting the innovations in assisted reproductive technologies. Includes discussions on image techniques to visualize the ooctye and its basis components during fertilization, refined methods to classify oocytes, zygotes, and embryos, and effective methods of cryopreservation of oocytes and embryos.... [Read More]
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Steven D. Fleming, Robert S. King
Micromanipulation in Assisted Conception: A Handbook and Troubleshooting Guide This guide to micromanipulation techniques, for assisted conception in a clinical setting, includes detailed descriptions of all common micromanipulation systems currently in use in IVF laboratories. In explaining how to optimize their successful use, the volume covers state-of-the-art techniques including ICSI, and procedures such as assisted hatching and the blastomere biopsy (for PGD). Valuable information on troubleshooting mechanical and technical difficulties is provided to help professionals ranging from technicians to consultant obstetricians master the techniques.... [Read More]
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Peter R. Brinsden
A Textbook of In Vitro Fertilization and Assisted Reproduction: The Bourn Hall Guide to Clinical and Laboratory Practice: Includes Bourn Hall Protocols on CD-ROM, Third Edition This major book - known as 'The Bourn Hall Textbook' - evolved from teaching courses held at this prestigious Clinic - one of the birthplaces of IVF and clinical reproductive medicine. The content is comprehensive: covering assessment of the infertile couple and both laboratory and clinical aspects of assisted reproductive technologies. The emphasis throughout is on the practical management of patients undergoing assisted conception treatment. The third edition is a complete update of the field including expanded sections on newer technologies such as GIFT and ICSI. The book is authore... [Read More]
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Kay Elder, Doris Baker, Julie Ribes
Infections, Infertility and Assisted Reproduction ART treatment is vulnerable to the hazard of potential infection from many different sources: patients, samples, staff, and the environment. Culture of gametes and embryos in vitro provides multiple targets for transmission of potential infection, including the developing embryo, neighboring gametes and embryos, the couple undergoing treatment and other couples being treated during the same period. This unique situation, with multifaceted opportunities for microbial growth and transmission, makes infection and contamination control absolutely crucial in the practice of assisted reproduction, a... [Read More]
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Peter R. Brinsden
A Textbook of in Vitro Fertilization and Assisted Reproduction: the Bourn Hall Guide to Clinical and Laboratory Practice This is an enlarged, updated, color-illustrated new edition of the definitive clinical reference on in vitro fertilization and assisted reproduction. It contains 37 chapters by top-ranked specialists from around the world covering every aspect of investigation and therapeutic options as taught and practiced at the world-famous Bourn Hall Clinic. Large format, double-column pages. Includes bibliographic references, procedures, protocols and information sheets, and index.... [Read More]
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Eli Y. Adashi (Editor), John A., MD Rock (Editor), Zev, MD Rosenwaks?
This landmark two-volume work provides an unprecedented survey of the entire field of reproductive medicine. The volumes are beautifully designed, with richly detailed full-color illustrations throughout, and organized for ease of use and practical reference. The text is divided into three sections. The first provides a comprehensive review of the ontogeny and function of the reproductive axis and its normal embryology and physiology. The second section is a state-of-the-art review of the diagnosis and management of disorders of the reproductive axis, including disorders of sexual differentiat... [Read More]
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Keith L. Moore BA MSc PhD FIAC FRSM, T.V.N. Persaud MD PhD DSc FRCPath
The Developing Human Introductory textbook for medical students. Abundant halftone illustrations and color highlighting.... [Read More]
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Lucinda L. Veeck
An Atlas of Human Gametes and Conceptuses: An Illustrated Reference for Assisted Reproductive Technology Replacing and superseding all other works in this area, Dr. Lucinda L. Veeck's An Atlas of Human Gametes and Conceptuses is the only book now in print that shows the typical and atypical morphology of human oocytes, sperm, and preembryos collected and cultured during the course of in vitro fertilization treatment. Brilliantly illustrated with hundreds of original photographs in color as well as black and white, the book also details and fully illustrates specific new reproductive technologies and provides the reader with both a glossary and a concise history of in vitro fertilization. Incl... [Read More]
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Alan Trounson, David K. Gardner
Handbook of in Vitro Fertilization This handbook provides both a theoretical and practical guide to techniques currently used in assisted reproduction. The emphasis has been placed on the practical application of technologies. Each chapter provides precise background information and a detailed account of procedures employed.Handbook of InVitro Fertilization, Second Edition, brings together for the first time, leaders in every field of clinical in vitro fertilization (IVF), with contributors from America, Australia, and Europe.Topics covered include: endocrinology, oocyte retrieval and maturation, IVF, ICSI, embryo culture, assi... [Read More]
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Roger Gosden
Designing Babies No other subject in science today provokes more controversy than human reproduction and genetics. Our increasing ability to manipulate fertility and shape our genetic destiny raises many questions both practical and ethical and creates an equal amount of hope and fear for the future. In Designing Babies, reproductive expert Roger Gosden provides a compelling overview of this biological revolution. In clear, non-technical language, he explains the science that is emerging and addresses the many social and ethical dilemmas involved. He also offers a startling look into a foreseeable future wher... [Read More]
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