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Clinical Reproductive Science

Michael Carroll

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The comprehensive and authoritative guide to clinical reproductive science

The field of clinical reproductive science continues to evolve; this important resource offers the basics of reproductive biology as well as the most recent advance in clinical embryology. The author - a noted expert in the field - focuses on the discipline and covers all aspects of this fieldThe text explores causes of male and female infertility and includes information on patient consultation and assessment, gamete retrieval and preparation, embryo culture, embryo transfer and cryopreservation.

Comprehensive in scope, the text contains an introduction to the field of clinical reproductive science and a review of assisted reproductive technology. The author includes information on a wide range of topics such as gonadal development, the regulation of meiotic cell cycle, the biology of sperm and spermatogenesis, in vitro culture, embryo transfer techniques, fundamentals of fertilisation, oocyte activation and much more. This important resource: 

  • Offers an accessible guide to the most current research and techniques to the science of clinical reproduction
  • Covers the fundamental elements of reproductive science
  • Includes information on male and the female reproductive basics – everything from sexual differentiation to foetal development and parturition
  • Explores the long-term health of children conceived through IVF
  • Contains the newest developments in assisted reproductive technology

Clinical Reproductive Science is a valuable reference written for professionals in academia, research and clinical professionals working in the field of reproductive science, clinical embryology and reproductive medicine.  

About the Author

Dr Michael Carroll, Senior Lecturer in Reproductive Science, School of Healthcare Science, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK




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Customer Reviews (4)
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Sarah Williams   01 March 2019
Great Book
I have just received this book to support my training as a sub-specialist in reproductive medicine. It covers everything I need to get a good foundation in the field of ART. I highly recommend this book to anyone in training or interested in ART and reproductive medicine.
ET   24 December 2018
Book review
Dr Abdul Karhim   18 December 2018
Clinical Reproductive Science
This is a great book - a very useful reference for my training in clinical embryology.
James Fields   18 December 2018
Clinical Reproductive Science
There are many books of this nature available - but this one is by far the best. Concise - easy to read and complete with up-to date information. It is well laid out - each sections lead to the next. Chapters are written in an easy to read format, but remaining its high standard. Also, each chapter is written by leaders in the field. What I liked most is the quality - you can judge a book by its cover in this case. Great source for anyone interesting or training in clinical reproductive science.

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