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Giovanni Coticchio, David Albertini, Lucia De Santis
Oogenesis Comprehensive, visually stunning review of oocyte medicine and biology. The authors of the chapters are distinguished authorities in their respective areas of competence.  The oocyte is the largest and most mysterious cell in the body of mammalian organisms. Through its growth and maturation, it reaches extreme levels of specialization, while maintaining at the same time a condition of totipotency. Its unique ability, in co-operation with the spermatozoon, to give rise to a fully developed organism formed from hundreds of different tissues and myriads of individual cells has inspired... [Read More]
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Carole C Wegner, PhD.
Carole C. Wegner, PhD, HCLD shares her insider’s view of the fertility lab with patients who are considering or already in treatment for infertility. Dr. Wegner worked as an embryologist and IVF lab director over fifteen years. Her experience and knowledge of IVF lab procedures informs her advice to patients on how to find the best fertility programs and get the best healthcare from fertility clinics. Chapters in this book include, “I’m not getting pregnant, Now what?”, Getting Ready for IVF, Diagnosis and Choosing a Treatment Plan, Paying for IVF, Behind the Lab Door, ... [Read More]
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Zini, Armand; Agarwal, Ashok (Eds.)
Sperm Chromatin- Biological and Clinical Applications in Male Infertility and Assisted Reproduction Sperm DNA damage is common and has been associated with reduced rates of conception, impaired embryonic development and increased risk of miscarriage. Although the exact causes of sperm DNA damage are unknown, it is clear that infertile men possess substantially higher levels of sperm DNA damage than do fertile men. Written by leading, internationally renowned clinicians and basic scientists with expertise in sperm DNA, Sperm Chromatin: Biological and Clinical Applications in Male Infertility and Assisted Reproduction provides readers with a thoughtful and comprehensive review of the... [Read More]
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Nagy, Zsolt Peter; Varghese, Alex C.; Agarwal, Ashok (Eds.)
Practical Manual of In Vitro Fertilization: Advanced Methods and Novel Devices This unique, practical title provides a complete review of the most well-established and current diagnostic and treatment techniques comprising in vitro fertilization. Throughout the chapters, a uniform structure is employed, including a brief abstract, a keyword glossary, a step-by-step protocol of the laboratory procedures, several pages of expert commentary, key issues of clinical concern, and a list of references. The result is a readily accessible, high quality reference guide for reproductive endocrinologists, urologists, embryologists, biologists and research scientists who are interest... [Read More]
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Joseph D. Schulman M.D.
Robert G. Edwards: A Personal Viewpoint his volume includes a unique personal history of participation in the original research in England on human in vitro fertilization. It is neither a comprehensive analysis of the career of Dr. Robert G. Edwards, the 2010 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, nor of the writer, who is a physician-scientist expert in the field of assisted reproduction. It provides a true picture of the efforts and complexity behind an area of medical progress which has led to the births of several million babies worldwide. Not just limited to discussions of IVF, the book also illustrates some of the numerous ... [Read More]
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Dr Andrea Borini & Dr Giovanni Coticchio
Preservation of Human Oocytes A thorough analysis of current theoretical, biological, and clinical evidence generated on oocyte cryopreservation. This breakthrough title, written by experienced professionals in the field of reproductive medicine, is the must-have resource on oocyte preservation, which is quickly becoming one of the most important developments in human IVF. Certain to become the essential guide for reproductive medicine specialists, embryologists, and gynecologists, the text discusses benefits of oocyte storage for young cancer patients and women wishing to extend their reproductive lives for social... [Read More]
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Kay Elder, Jacques Cohen
Human Preimplantation Embryo Selection This book will assemble the leaders in this field to discuss their visions of dealing with the topic in the light of the limitations involving the fragility of the early human embryo. The purpose of this book is to shed light on the ever-expanding techniques that are being employed and evaluated with regard to embryo selection. A comprehensive overview may guide the ART practitioner in choice of techniques and evaluation of benefits and drawbacks. In summary, application of increasingly advanced new technology has allowed the field of embryo evaluation to evolve rapidly and dramatically over t... [Read More]
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David Mortimer
Quality and Risk Management in the IVF Laboratory This essential survival guide for successfully managing the modern-day IVF clinic condenses a wealth of expertise and experience from the authors in troubleshooting and implementing quality management in the IVF laboratory. With high-profile media coverage of mistakes at IVF clinics, and escalating regulatory scrutiny, there is increasing pressure for professional accreditation. Modern accreditation schemes, which are largely based on the principles of ISO 9001 and related standards, require Quality Systems. Yet quality management beyond basic assay quality control is often poorly understood b... [Read More]
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David K. Gardner
In Vitro Fertilization: A Practical Approach Supplying a comprehensive and hands-on approach to in vitro fertilization (IVF), this source presents established state-of-the-art procedures and techniques, as well as the most current research in the field. Expert contributors explore the history of IVF and progress to future research pathways. Additional coverage includes preimplantation genetic diagnosis, oocyte retrieval, oocyte donation, and micromanipulation procedures such as ICSI, assisted hatching, and embryo biopsy.... [Read More]
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Ruth Deech & Anna Smajdor
From IVF to Immortality: Controversy in the Era of Reproductive Technology This is a book for anyone who has ever paused to wonder: Will cloning ever be legal? Why it is that 'saviour siblings' and sex selection provoke such strong reactions? Will there ever be such a thing as an artificial womb? Assisted reproductive technologies are unique in their capacity to challenge our assumptions and elicit passionate responses. Looking at the moral, philosophical, and legal issues surrounding cases of surrogacy, single or same-sex parenthood, retrieval of sperm from dead or dying patients, and the insemination of post-menopausal women, this book questions whether the... [Read More]
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