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Joseph D. Schulman M.D.
Robert G. Edwards: A Personal Viewpoint his volume includes a unique personal history of participation in the original research in England on human in vitro fertilization. It is neither a comprehensive analysis of the career of Dr. Robert G. Edwards, the 2010 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, nor of the writer, who is a physician-scientist expert in the field of assisted reproduction. It provides a true picture of the efforts and complexity behind an area of medical progress which has led to the births of several million babies worldwide. Not just limited to discussions of IVF, the book also illustrates some of the numerous ... [Read More]
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Dr Andrea Borini & Dr Giovanni Coticchio
Preservation of Human Oocytes A thorough analysis of current theoretical, biological, and clinical evidence generated on oocyte cryopreservation. This breakthrough title, written by experienced professionals in the field of reproductive medicine, is the must-have resource on oocyte preservation, which is quickly becoming one of the most important developments in human IVF. Certain to become the essential guide for reproductive medicine specialists, embryologists, and gynecologists, the text discusses benefits of oocyte storage for young cancer patients and women wishing to extend their reproductive lives for social... [Read More]
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Ruth Deech & Anna Smajdor
From IVF to Immortality: Controversy in the Era of Reproductive Technology This is a book for anyone who has ever paused to wonder: Will cloning ever be legal? Why it is that 'saviour siblings' and sex selection provoke such strong reactions? Will there ever be such a thing as an artificial womb? Assisted reproductive technologies are unique in their capacity to challenge our assumptions and elicit passionate responses. Looking at the moral, philosophical, and legal issues surrounding cases of surrogacy, single or same-sex parenthood, retrieval of sperm from dead or dying patients, and the insemination of post-menopausal women, this book questions whether the... [Read More]
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David K. Gardner, Ariel Weissman, Colin M. Howles, Zeev Shoham
Textbook of Assisted Reproductive Techniques Updated and expanded, this new edition provides a truly comprehensive manual for the whole team at the IVF clinic. The information is presented in a highly visual manner, making methods and protocols easy to find and understand. New chapters cover: stem cells, genetic analysis, the role of the nurse, stress and outcomes, management of hydrosalpinx, prognostic assessment of ovarian reserve, quality management, setting up a national registry, health economic aspects, fertility preservation strategies, vitrification of oocytes, and more. The book provides insight into technical developments and s... [Read More]
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Eli Y. Adashi (Editor), John A., MD Rock (Editor), Zev, MD Rosenwaks?
This landmark two-volume work provides an unprecedented survey of the entire field of reproductive medicine. The volumes are beautifully designed, with richly detailed full-color illustrations throughout, and organized for ease of use and practical reference. The text is divided into three sections. The first provides a comprehensive review of the ontogeny and function of the reproductive axis and its normal embryology and physiology. The second section is a state-of-the-art review of the diagnosis and management of disorders of the reproductive axis, including disorders of sexual differentiat... [Read More]
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