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SaturnActive laser system

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SaturnActive laser system

RI is proud to announce the launch of the all-new SaturnActive laser system -

The world's first directional laser for IVF.

Utilising cutting edge robotic technology, laser ablation is now truly under the user's control. Simply position your embryo anywhere in the field of view, click the area of zona to be removed and fire. Using a high power laser diode and a visible pilot laser transmitted through fibre-optics, the SaturnActive is the most accurate system available, using the shortest possible pulses to ensure embryo safety. In fact, the pulses are so short, we now measure in microseconds not milliseconds, making the new laser faster, safer and better!

Unique Computer Controlled Laser Position
With conventional laser systems optimal zona removal is achieved by holding the embryo close to or touching the bottom of the petri-dish. This ensures the laser passes through as little media as possible before hitting the zona. Holes are then drilled in the desired position by moving the embryo on the holding pipette. This requires very accurate alignment of the embryo to the fixed laser target, which can be a slow and timeconsuming process.

The SaturnActive eliminates the need to move the embryo allowing the user to simply select the area of zona to be removed with computer-controlled accuracy and simply press the fire button. If more than one embryo can be seen in the field of view the SaturnActive can remove the zona of the second without moving either sample or the microscope stage, thus dramatically reducing the procedure time.

Embryo Analysis Software included
The SaturnActive laser system comes complete with the Cronus3 software suite as standard, providing a digital target, Safety Circle? and digital video recording. It also offers pre-firing hole size indication, image capture, and a range of advanced tools for embryo analysis. This includes measurement of polar body angles, pronuclei, zona, cell diameters and areas. There are also many other embryo scoring and statistical analysis features available.

Why do you need a pilot laser?
Ablation lasers are invisible, so how do you know that the laser is being
delivered accurately?

Quite simply, with all other laser systems, you don?t. The SaturnActive is the only system to allow the user to visualise the ablation laser. Using fibre-optic technology, the shape and path of the pilot laser exactly replicates the ablation laser. This means that the system can be quickly set up using the pilot laser to ensure that the beam is absolutely perfect. This is essential for a laser system. If you cannot see the exact shape and direction of the beam, you cannot guarantee that the laser is perfectly aligned.

Other Key Features of the Saturn Laser

Hole Size Indicator
The Cronus3 software will indicate the hole size to be made and will adjust automatically depending on the
pulse time used. ?

Safety Circle?
Cronus3 software provides Safety Circle? Technology which, based on published medical research, indicates
how close to critical cells the laser can be fired. The Safety Circle? increases and decreases according to the pulse time selected.

Lowest Pulse Times
The maximised efficiency of the SaturnActive laser ensures that it uses the lowest pulse times of any laser product to produce the same sized holes. ?

Rock Solid Reliability
RI has developed the SaturnActive with a unique, stand-alone microcontroller, making the use of a PC optional. For all competitor systems the PC is essential. Uniquely, in the event of a PC crash, the SaturnActive can still be used.

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