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Integra Ti

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Integra Ti

A dedicated system for ICSI, PGD and Transgenics

Never before has micromanipulation been so easy thanks to RI's latest innovation - the Integra micromanipulation system. The revolutionary Integra is incorporated entirely within the microscope stage. The stage surface itself is larger, yet the Integra takes up a fraction of lab space compared to other systems. This all-in-one concept reduces vibration and has been ergonomically designed for simple and rapid operation. ?

* Dedicated micromanipulation workstation for ICSI and PGD
* Simple to install - just four screws
* Larger stage surface yet takes up less lab space
* Rapid micropipette setting-up facility
* Built-in Air Syringes
* Reduced vibration
* Unique triple heated stage system
* Mechanical coarse and fine x y z micromanipulators
* X-y stage operated by a single lever - motorised version also available

The Integra micromaniuplation system - available for all inverted microscopes.
Movement of the micropipettes is provided by RI's exceptional TDU500 mechanical micromanipulators, offering the most accurate and precise positioning available. Each micromanipulator offers both fine and coarse xyz control and comes with our latest range of toolholders. The TDU500's are extremely reliable and never require routine servicing.

The new PAR21 single toolholder provides the simplest and quickest system ever for setting up ICSI micropipettes. It allows the user to make very fine adjustments to the angle of the micropipette without the tip ever moving out of focus, ensuring that the micropipette is slightly 'toe-down' during sperm immobilisation and horizontal during injection. This feature reduces the damage caused to the oocyte and therefore increases its chance of survival and hence fertilisation.

For PGD, RI have developed a unique double toolholder which offers independent movement of both micropipettes. ? Syringes
The Integra comes as standard with SAS Air Syringes conveniently located next to the fine control levers of the micromanipulators. These are the only air syringes suitable for air injection of the sperm, eliminating the need for oil. The addition of an equilibration button allows the micropipettes to be instantly equilibrated at any time - a very useful and unique feature. Oil systems are available on request.
Pipette Home Function
All RI toolholders have a special function to instantly move the micropipette vertically by 16mm. The RI Home Function, consisting of a special objective and spacer, allows the micropipette to be set-up 16mm above the petri-dish and then rapidly lowered to the desired position. This system is extremely quick and simple, and prevents micropipette damage. ? Stage Heating
The Integra can be supplied with three independently controlled heated surfaces. The combination of the warm inserted stage and the heated petri-dish holder provides the most accurate heated system available to maintain the temperature of additional petri-dishes.
Stage Movement
The Integra is supplied as standard with our excellent DVS variable reduction mechanical stage. The DVS offers both x and y positioning from a single lever, enabling quick and precise positioning of the specimen.
The Integra can be mounted on any inverted microscope. Please request further information on microscope and optical systems.

RI provide complete solutions for micromanipulation including on-site training if required. We also provide a comprehensive range of accessories for ICSI and PGD including a complete range of sterile micropipettes, packaged in our unique Twista-Pak.

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Lis Goulder   20 November 2015
Integra compatibility
Thank you for your inquiry. Research Instruments' Integra 3 micromanipulator is compatible with all popular brands of inverted microscope but it is important to check the compatibility table to verify that the version of microscope you have is supported. This available on our website http://www.research-instruments.com/integra-3/ or in our brochures. I apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused you and we would be happy to see if we could remedy this issue. Could I therefore ask you to contact me directly at [email protected] so that we can see how we can resolve this for you.
Tinei Makurumure   19 November 2015
all inverted microscopes?
I thought you said ALL inverted microscopes will accommodate the integra? I therefore requested one from your SA rep and they said it won't fit onto my Olympus CK2!!!! Is this really so?
Bert Stewart   20 January 2010
Living with the Integra Ti
Got two Integra Ti systems for our organisation on recommendation of another lab who just had one installed. Once set up, great...works very well, quick to set up tools and slick in operation. But then...as it gets older (and I mean 18-24 months), all the the manipulators have become clunky and the stages drift. It seems that much of the internal componentry is plastic, not metal so probably wears out relatively quickly. There is also I believe, a major design fault which allows you to inadvertently wind the manipulators to the end of their travel and jam them up completely. We had to return a whole side back to the factory to un-jam them. Company response to the problem is that it won't happen if you adhere to their set up protocols. While I agree that is fair comment, the consequences of making a mistake in tool set-up are quite horrific.

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