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Ovarian Stimulation & Embryo Transfer - Online course

València, Spain
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Ovarian Stimulation & Embryo Transfer - Online course

You will learn

About the basics of the different stimulation protocols, the different endometrial preparation options for ET and their particularities.

The objectives are:

- To provide comprehensive and advanced training in controlled ovarian stimulation.

- To understand the fundamentals of different ovarian stimulation protocols from classical to alternative and including the newest ones.

- To prepare the specialist in reproductive medicine to apply the most appropriate controlled ovarian stimulation protocol for each type of patient due to their ovarian reserve characteristics and for having a particular condition or disease.

- To know the different options of endometrial preparation to perform embryo transfer and its particularities.

- To deepen the knowledge of the advances in endometrial preparation and provide alternatives to solve refractory cases.

You will be trained by

Professionals from IVIRMA Global group, world leader in Reproductive Medicine.

And at the end...

You will complete your training as a specialist in this sector and launch your professional career towards success


1. To knows the basic principles of controlled ovarian stimulation

2. To know how to adapt the different types of controlled ovarian stimulation according to the pathology or type of response of the patient

3. To adapts the embryo transfer protocol to the type of cycle of the patient

4. To understand the importance of the luteal phase

5. To know the strategies to optimize the refractory endometrium


1. Ovarian stimulation

1. 1 Basic Principles of Controlled Ovarian Stimulation (COS)

1. 2 Pretreatment in the Ovarian Stimulation Cycle

1. 3 Conventional controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) protocols

1. 4 Alternative protocols for Controlled Ovarian Stimulation

1. 5 Use of Progesterone in COS

1. 6 Ovarian Stimulation in low responders

1. 7 High responders

1. 8 COS in patients with PCOS

1. 9 COS in Egg Donors

1. 10 Ovarian stimulation in oncologic patients

1. 11 Ovarian stimulation in luteal phase and double stimulation

1. 12 Controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) in obese patients

1. 13 Ovulation inductor Trigger strategies

2. Embryo Transfer (ET) Protocols

2. 1 Transfer in stimulated cycle

2. 2 Embryo Transfer (ET) in natural cycles

2. 3 ET in substituted cycle

2. 4 Luteal phase support

2. 5 Difficulty in endometrial preparation – Refractory Endometrium


Course website:

IVIRMA Global Education
Avenida Fernando Abril Martorell, 106 - Torre A, Planta 1ª 46026 Valencia
València Valencia

Phone: +34 960694695
E-mail: Contact Mrs. Paula Herrero
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