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Cryoworks Management Sysytem

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Cryoworks Management Sysytem

CRYOWORKS Management System is a specialised software application that supervises the collection, freezing, storage and thawing of samples including; blood vials, semen, embryo/oocytes, as well as tracking the personnel involved. The application allows scientists to save time on administrative tasks and focus more on patient services.

CRYOWORKS aims to allow scientists to increase their efficiency and the reliability of their workflows.It also gives greater flexibility to these workflows, with easy-to-use customisation options. The Application can be modified to your specific requirements.

An Inside Understanding

Cryoworks Cryogenic Management System, or Cryoworks, was completed in collaboration with scientists working in the industry. Computer Frameworks has over ten years experience and has worked with Australian and world leaders in Fertility and Life Sciences. This has enabled us to create a software application that understands the intricacies and constraints of working in cryogenics at a global level.

Save on Administration Time

Large amounts of time can be spent in a laboratory entering and re-entering data, or searching for paper forms, taking time away from patient/specimen management or shifting focus away from important procedures and results. Using Cryoworks, information no longer has to be re-entered and reports can be generated to Excel directly from the application; all within a secure system.

Secure Sensitive Laboratory Data

In many laboratories, the management of frozen specimens was previously tracked using a combination of index cards and spreadsheets, creating discrepancies in the security as Excel passwords could be easily compromised. Also, once entered into an Excel sheet, all users could see the same information, regardless of their seniority level or function. In many cases a new document would have to be produced, resulting in information being re-entered numerous times over the entire process.

Cryoworks solves this problem by enabling multiple levels of access appropriate for the different areas involved in laboratory management, all managed by the systems administrator. The system also secures patient data with double ID checks on sensitive data. These checks are available for all stages of the specimen lifecycle.

Track Changes

In a busy laboratory it can be hard to keep track of every change made to specimens, specimen locations and patient details. This lack of tracking can mean a long time is taken to find and resolve errors. The Audit Trail feature allows changes to be tracked back to the source and errors to be quickly corrected.

Early Warning Systems

With important specimens in play, it’s critical for laboratories or clinics to make sure that these specimens are not contaminated or lost. Cryoworks implements warning systems on straws held in the same tank so that a whole batch from one sample will not be lost.

There are also Early Warning Systems on data discrepancies, incorrect values and/or omissions, creating a higher quality of information. This is vital for any research undertaken. It can also dramatically reduce administration time otherwise spent on checking and fixing discrepancies.

Quality Auditing

Along with the Audit Trail Feature, Cryoworks has a number of quality auditing features, such as the Random Tank Audit feature. This feature requests an audit on a tank chosen by the system at random and captures the results of the audit. This feature is also configurable with the frequency, the audit period and the patients and can also ‘skip’ audit periods during busy periods, with a reason and approval provided. This feature frees up personnel to address other key activities within the organisation.

Export Reports

The system also allows reports to be exported, allowing information to be easily implemented into research or other reports conducted. The system generates reports for specimens, patients, tank storage, thawing summaries, follow up serology tasks and tank audits.

Monitor Procedures to Improve Success Rates

Cryoworks Management System allows users to monitor critical workflows within their laboratories. This allows scientists to view trends and success rates of different testing, such as thawing rates and mortility rates.

For more information or to trial our system please contact us on +61 (0)2 9299 1212


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