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1. Zygote with multiple polar bodies

Zygote with multiple polar bodies Details:
PCOD patient over maturation resulted into polar body anomality but fertilized with IVF

Submitted by:
Parth V Bhatt
Views: 3136

2. Fragile Oocyte

Fragile Oocyte Details:
Empty Oocyte:Without Nucleoplasm Lysed during denudation.

Submitted by:
Aamir Javed
Views: 3688

3. Abnormal oocytes

Abnormal oocytes Details:
The patient with 12 years of primary infertility. Male factor is totaly excluded (normal sperm analysis and DNA-fragmentation test) After OPU and denuding we reveal all 12 oocytes of th

Submitted by:
Views: 4678

4. abnormal oocyte

abnormal oocyte Details:
These are two abnormal oocytes after hyperstimulation from one cycle. 

Submitted by:
Iman Halvaei
Views: 6247

5. very big polar body

very big polar body Details:
very big polar body out of embryo

Submitted by:
Views: 5785

6. Atretic Oocyte

Atretic Oocyte Details:
Atretic oocyte

Submitted by:
Kodyleva Tatyana
Views: 8361

7. twin oocytes, before and after fertilisation

twin oocytes, before and after fertilisation Details:
2 ooytes attached eachother from their zona.....one is M2 and the other one is GV.  the pictures of Day 0 and Day 2

Submitted by:
yasemin aktas
Views: 5858

8. Square oocytes

Square oocytes Details:
Miracle of Nature

Submitted by:
Oleksii Barash
Views: 7434

9. Double oocyte

Double oocyte Details:
Abnormal oocytes

Submitted by:
Oleksii Barash
Views: 6409

10. Giant GV vs Normal GV

Giant GV vs Normal GV Details:
A giant egg showing two GV's next to a normal egg at the GV stage.

Submitted by:
Jeremy Chang
Views: 4523

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