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21. Globozoospermia

Globozoospermia Details:
Nomarski optic micrographs of the round-headed human spermatozoa

Submitted by:
Andrei Rybouchkin
Views: 5060

22. Oocyte(s)?

Oocyte(s)? Details:
Joined oocytes

Submitted by:
Marc Portmann
Views: 4379

23. 3 pronuclei

3 pronuclei Details:
These embryos showed 3 pronuclei after ICSI procedure.

Submitted by:
Liz Sanders
Views: 8419

24. Abnormal ZP

Abnormal ZP Details:
2PN zigota 20 hours after insemination

Submitted by:
Views: 4563

25. Abnormal Human Zona Pellucida

Abnormal Human Zona Pellucida Details:
This oocyte shows an abnormal ZP brush-like. All oocytes of this patient ( 32 years old ) have this anomaly and only 1 out 12 fertilized by IVF but the embryo hasn't transferred because completely fr

Submitted by:
Loredana Papale
Views: 6012

26. Oval shape embryo

Oval shape embryo Details:
This embryo shows an oval and bilayered ZP, like an "hot-dog"

Submitted by:
Loredana Papale
Views: 9655

27. Centrally granulated oocyte

Centrally granulated oocyte Details:
Central granulated oocyte. Clinical pregnancy and implantation rates are lower than expected in cases with severe cenral cytoplasmic granulation. (Kahraman et al. Hum Rep. 15(11): 2390-93,2000)

Submitted by:
Necati Findikli
Views: 5240

28. Apoptotic Cumulus

Apoptotic Cumulus Details:
Apoptotic oocyte cumulus complex following 5 days coasting.

Submitted by:
Ersan Donmez
Views: 4534

29. Vacuolized mature oocyte

Vacuolized mature oocyte Details:
Vacuolized mature oocyte after pickup. Most of the retrieved oocytes presented this aspect. After embryo transfer, the patient got pregnant.

Submitted by:
Miguel Fernandez
Views: 4842

30. Anti-ZP Antibodies?

Anti-ZP Antibodies? Details:
We were stripping five oocytes for ICSI, when suddenly they stuck to each other. We could not split them apart.

Submitted by:
Maria Urbina
Views: 4804

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