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IVF Education & Embryology Courses

MSc in Clinical Embryology

The goal of the Post Graduate Program in Clinical Embryology is to produce competent and ART Clinical Embryologists and leaders in reproductive sciences. The program enable the student with the requisite theoretical, practical, and hands-on learning in clinical embryology. 

01 June 2020


17 June 2020

Become an IVF Expert by joining India's No. 1 training institute - IIRRH

IVF is one of the best effective medical treatments in the modern-day context, where the maximum number of people, both male and female, is going through fertility-related problems. The growing demand for IVF therapies has created a boom in the ART field. Now-a-days special
04 May 2020

Certificate in Embryology & Andrology

Blended course integrating sound theoretic content with hands-on practical training. 12months duration. 

Administered by well qualified and experienced practitioners based in Nigeria and UK.

11 February 2020

Post Graduate Diploma in IVF & Reproductive Medicine Bangladesh

AECS in collaboration with Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH), & CARe Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh proudly announce Post Graduate Diploma in IVF & Reproductive Medicine. This course provides one-on-one comprehensive training in the clinical management & Laborato
11 December 2021

Top rated Institute for Assisted Reproductive Technology Course - IIRRH

International Institute for Training and Research in Reproductive Health helps the students in giving best training which will help them in enhancing both their skills and knowledge. The team which we have
06 February 2020

IVM workshop at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine Brussels - 7-8 May 2020

IVM: Patient-tailored reproductive medicine for PCO(S) and oncofertility patients

7-8 May 2020 

This workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of In Vitro Maturation and its application in PCO(S) and oncoferti
28 January 2020

Trophectoderm Biopsy Course for PGT - only few places left!! 18-19.02.2020

This two-day workshop aims to provide an introduction to the procedures used in blastocyst biopsy and handling of biopsied cells. Methods for biopsy and cell tubing, including pipettes, media and equipment will be discussed.  Hands-on sessions will allow participants to practice bi
23 January 2020

Hands - on Workshop. SEVERE MALE INFERTILITY.Management and Challenges in the ART Lab

Workshop’s Objectives

  • to present an overview of the current state of daily practices and challenges in the treatment of severe male infertility in ART lab
  • to offer expert hands-on training in the available treatment options and techniques for the pr
    20 January 2020

Enroll your IVF Training Course with India's No. 1 Training Institute - IIRRH

The knowledge of ART Training is enhanced through advanced laboratory and practices. Understanding the subject and expertise are required for all Assisted Reproductive technology to become a Best IVF Doctor.

Certificate course in Embryology


Asia Pacific Institute of Embryology


Asia Pacific Institute of Embryology (ASPIER), which has trained more than 300 students in clinical embryology world over is offering 2 weeks intensive hands-on training from December 16, 2019.

Known for its i
03 December 2019

Fellowship in Infertility Training Courses - IIRRH Institute

Established in 1999 and one of the well known International Institute for Training and Research in Reproductive Health(IIRRH) being IVF educational institute in the India, in tied-up with top rated educational institutes such as is
26 November 2019

Hands - on Workshop BEST PRACTICES IN PGT

Workshop’s Objectives

  • to present an overview of the current state of genetic screening, biopsy techniques and every day challenges in a PGT program
  • to offer hands – on training in Blastocyst biopsy, tubing, vitrification / warming of biopsied blastocysts and t
    10 September 2019

Clinical Embryology Course - International Institute for Training and Research in Reproductive Health (IIRRH)

Assisted Reproductive technology is like backbone for infertile couples who were finding difficulty in conceiving. More and more people are seemed to be more acceptable towards the ART techniques and they don't hesitate while seeking the help o
07 September 2019

Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine

Progenesis Fertility Center is introducing a one-year structured Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine in india. Extensive training will be imparted to candidates in the field of Reproductive Techniques by dedicated mentors having very good experience in this field. wherein selecte
29 July 2019

#1906 - ART Course for Embryologists


Centre for Reproductive Education & Specialist Training (CREST) is the first specialized training centre in Asia Pacific for Assisted Reproductive techni
15 July 2019

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