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Vacuolized mature oocyte
Vacuolized mature oocyte after pickup. Most of the retrieved oocytes presented this aspect. After embryo transfer, the patient got pregnant.
17 September 2004

Anti-ZP Antibodies?
We were stripping five oocytes for ICSI, when suddenly they stuck to each other. We could not split them apart.
17 September 2004

Zona within day 2 human embryo
Image of a day 2 grossly fragmented embryo within which a miniature form of a zona pellucida is visible. All the eggs of the patient had the same anomaly.
17 September 2004

Human sperm with ring-like appearance. 1. The tail encircles the head. 2. In some sperm, the tip is fused to a pinhead to form "rings". 3. A shorter tail forming a smaller loop resembles the "Dag" axonemal defect. 4. A smaller ring may form with a larger ring. Standard sperm parameters and DNA integ
17 September 2004

Abnormal germinal vesicle
Abnormal inmature oocyte retrieved with two germinal vesicles. The egg, after incubation, matured to metaphase I stage, but could not mature to metaphase II stage.
17 September 2004

2PN & GV
Conventional fertilization. After shucking on Day 1 revealed a 2 PN and a GV in 1 zona.
08 November 2007

Day 2 -2 cell & GV in 1 zona
Conventional fertilization. Day 1 was a 2 PN and a GV in 1 zona. Today, Day 2 shows a 2 cell and the GV in 1 zona.
08 November 2007

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