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Human Reproduction. Vol. 32, No. 2 February 2017

Human Reproduction

30 January 2017

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Equipoise and the RCT
 M. Braakhekke, F. Mol, S. Mastenbroek, B. Willem J. Mol, and F. van der 

The Rotterdam criteria for polycystic ovary syndrome: evidence-based 

 Rui Wang and Ben Willem J. Mol


Factors associated with seminal impairment in HIV-infected men under 
 antiretroviral therapy

 A. Jerónimo, M.B. Baza, I. Río, M. Vera, V. Hernando, J. Castilla, C. 
 Rodriguez, and J. Del Romero

Stability of the human sperm DNA methylome to folic acid fortification 
 and short-term supplementation

 D. Chan, S. McGraw, K. Klein, L.M. Wallock, C. Konermann, C. Plass, P. 
 Chan, B. Robaire, R.A. Jacob, C.M.T. Greenwood, and J.M. Trasler

Pregnancy and live birth rates after microsurgical vasoepididymostomy for
 azoospermic patients with epididymal obstruction

 Jing Peng, Zhichao Zhang, Yiming Yuan, Wanshou Cui, and Weidong Song

Diethylstilbestrol activates CatSper and disturbs progesterone actions in
 human spermatozoa

 Qian-xing Zou, Zhen Peng, Qing Zhao, Hou-yang Chen, Yi-min Cheng, Qing 
 Liu, Yuan-qiao He, Shi-qi Weng, Hua-feng Wang, Tao Wang, Li-ping Zheng, 
 and Tao Luo

Early pregnancy

Previous miscarriages and GLI2 are associated with anorectal 
 malformations in offspring

 Romy van de Putte, Charlotte H.W. Wijers, Ivo de Blaauw, Carlo L.M. 
 Marcelis, Cornelius E.J. Sloots, Alice S. Brooks, Paul M.A. Broens, Nel 
 Roeleveld, Loes F.M. van der Zanden, and Iris A.L.M. van Rooij


Inter-observer and intra-observer agreement between embryologists during 
 selection of a single Day 5 embryo for transfer: a multicenter study

 Ashleigh Storr, Christos A. Venetis, Simon Cooke, Suha Kilani, and 
 William Ledger


World Endometriosis Society consensus on the classification of 

 Neil P. Johnson, Lone Hummelshoj, G. David Adamson, Jörg Keckstein, Hugh 
 S. Taylor, Mauricio S. Abrao, Deborah Bush, Ludwig Kiesel, Rulla Tamimi, 
 Kathy L. Sharpe-Timms, Luk Rombauts, and Linda C. Giudice

Total circulating microparticle levels are increased in patients with 
 deep infiltrating endometriosis

 J. Munrós, M.A. Martínez-Zamora, D. Tàssies, J.L. Coloma, M.A. Torrente, 
 J.C. Reverter, F. Carmona, and J. Balasch

mRNA levels of low-density lipoprotein receptors are overexpressed in the
 foci of deep bowel endometriosis

 Luciano Gibran, Raul C. Maranhão, Elaine R. Tavares, Priscila O. 
 Carvalho, Maurício S. Abrão, and Sergio Podgaec

The natural history of endometrial polyps 
 M. Wong, B. Crnobrnja, V. Liberale, K. Dharmarajah, M. Widschwendter, and
 D. Jurkovic


Natural conception: repeated predictions over time
 R. van Eekelen, I. Scholten, R.I. Tjon-Kon-Fat, J.W. van der Steeg, P. 
 Steures, P. Hompes, M. van Wely, F. van der Veen, B.W. Mol, M.J. 
 Eijkemans, E.R. te Velde, and N. van Geloven

Effect of pretreatment with oral contraceptives and progestins on IVF 
 outcomes in women with polycystic ovary syndrome

 Daimin Wei, Yuhua Shi, Jing Li, Ze Wang, Lin Zhang, Yun Sun, Hong Zhou, 
 Yuping Xu, Chunxiang Wu, Ling Liu, Qiongfang Wu, Lili Zhuang, Yanzhi Du, 
 Weiping Li, Heping Zhang, Richard S. Legro, and Zi-Jiang Chen

The slow growing embryo and premature progesterone elevation: compounding
 factors for embryo-endometrial asynchrony

 Mae Wu Healy, Meghan Yamasaki, George Patounakis, Kevin S. Richter, Kate 
 Devine, Alan H. DeCherney, and Micah J. Hill

There is no evidence that the time from egg retrieval to embryo transfer 
 affects live birth rates in a freeze-all strategy

 K. Lattes, M.A. Checa, R. Vassena, M. Brassesco, and V. Vernaeve

Psychology and counselling

COMPI Fertility Problem Stress Scales is a brief, valid and reliable tool
 for assessing stress in patients seeking treatment

 Maria P Sobral, Maria E Costa, Lone Schmidt, and Mariana V Martins

Transgender men's experiences of fertility preservation: a qualitative 

 G. Armuand, C. Dhejne, J.I. Olofsson, and K.A. Rodriguez-Wallberg

The effect of expressive writing intervention for infertile couples: a 
 randomized controlled trial

 Yoon Frederiksen, Mia Skytte O'Toole, Mimi Y. Mehlsen, Benedicte Hauge, 
 Helle Olesen Elbaek, Robert Zachariae, and Hans Jakob Ingerslev

Perceived challenges of working in a fertility clinic: a qualitative 
 analysis of work stressors and difficulties working with patients

 Jacky Boivin, Laura Bunting, Emily Koert, Chin ieng U, and Christianne 

Reproductive biology

Bisphenol-A exposure and gene expression in human luteinized membrana 
 granulosa cells in vitro

 Abdallah Mansur, Ariel Israel, Catherine M.H. Combelles, Michal Adir, 
 Catherine Racowsky, Russ Hauser, Andrea A. Baccarelli, and Ronit 

Reproductive endocrinology

Performance of mass spectrometry steroid profiling for diagnosis of 
 polycystic ovary syndrome

 D.J. Handelsman, H.J. Teede, R. Desai, R.J. Norman, and L.J. Moran

Overweight and obese but not normal weight women with PCOS are at 
 increased risk of Type 2 diabetes mellitus—a prospective, 
 population-based cohort study

 M.-M.E. Ollila, S. West, S. Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, J. Jokelainen, J. 
 Auvinen, K. Puukka, A. Ruokonen, M.-R. Järvelin, J.S. Tapanainen, S. 
 Franks, T.T. Piltonen, and L.C. Morin-Papunen

Reproductive epidemiology

Pre-term birth and low birth weight following preimplantation genetic 
 diagnosis: analysis of 88 010 singleton live births following PGD and IVF

 Sesh Kamal Sunkara, Belavendra Antonisamy, Hepsy Y. Selliah, and Mohan S.

Reproductive hormones of ICSI-conceived young adult men: the first 

 Florence Belva, Mathieu Roelants, Jean De Schepper, André Van 
 Steirteghem, Herman Tournaye, and Maryse Bonduelle

Academic performance in adolescents born after ART—a nationwide 
 registry-based cohort study

 A.L. Spangmose, S.S. Malchau, L. Schmidt, D. Vassard, S. Rasmussen, A. 
 Loft, J. Forman, and A. Pinborg

Reproductive genetics

Novel mutations and structural deletions in TUBB8: expanding mutational 
 and phenotypic spectrum of patients with arrest in oocyte maturation, 
 fertilization or early embryonic development

 Biaobang Chen, Bin Li, Da Li, Zheng Yan, Xiaoyan Mao, Yao Xu, Jian Mu, 
 Qiaoli Li, Li Jin, Lin He, Yanping Kuang, Qing Sang, and Lei Wang

Pseudoautosomal abnormalities in terminal AZFb+c deletions are associated
 with isochromosomes Yp and may lead to abnormal growth and 
 neuropsychiatric function

 A. Castro, F. Rodríguez, M. Flórez, P. López, B. Curotto, D. Martínez, A.
 Maturana, M.C. Lardone, C. Palma, V. Mericq, M. Ebensperger, and F. 


PGS for recurrent pregnancy loss: still an open question
 Laura Rienzi, Antonio Capalbo, Gabor Vajta, and Filippo Maria Ubaldi

The value of cytogenetic analysis of the product of conception before 
 preimplantation genetic screening

 François Vialard, Paul Berveiller, and Cyrille Huchon

Reply: PGS for recurrent pregnancy loss—still an open question
 Gayathree Murugappan and Ruth Bunker Lathi

Reply: The value of cytogenetic analysis of the product of conception 
 before preimplantation genetic screening

 Gayathree Murugappan and Ruth Bunker Lathi

Should we also work on an international informed consent for 
 endometriosis surgery?

 David Soriano and Bouaziz Jerome

Reply: Should we also work on an international informed consent for 
 endometriosis surgery?

 A. Vanhie, C. Meuleman, C. Tomassetti, D. Timmerman, A. D'Hoore, A. 
 Wolthuis, B. Van Cleynenbreugel, E. Dancet, U. Van den Broeck, J. 
 Tsaltas, S.P. Renner, A.D. Ebert, F. Carmona, J. Abbott, A. Stepniewska, 
 H. Taylor, E. Saridogan, M. Mueller, J. Keckstein, N. Pluchino, E. Zupi, 
 G. Dunselman, M.S. Abrao, C. Chapron, and T. D'Hooghe

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