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1. vetrified embryos on the straw

vetrified embryos on the straw Details:
in this image you can see the embryos after it loses all its contents of water

Submitted by:
Views: 6979

2. Freeze concentrated glycerol

Freeze concentrated glycerol Details:
Electron microscopy of a cryostraw

Submitted by:
John Morris
Views: 5504

3. Frozen sperm cells

Frozen sperm cells Details:
Electron microscopy of frozen sperm

Submitted by:
John Morris
Views: 6827

4. Thawed blastocysts

Thawed blastocysts Details:
Human blastocysts immediately after thawing (upper panel) and at the time of transfer (lower panel). Two of three embryos re-expanded within four hours and the transfer resulted in a twin pregnancy.

Submitted by:
Nina Desai, Ph.D.
Views: 8901

5. Cryopreservation of Blastocyst

Cryopreservation of Blastocyst Details:
Pre-Freezing Morphological Changes in Blastocyst in Cryopreservation Solutions.

Submitted by:
T. Rahil
Views: 5566

6. Hatched blastocyst

Hatched blastocyst Details:
Human hatched blastocyst that developed in culture after vitrification with VS14 at the day 2 cleavage stage.(Ali et al., J. Reprod. Fertil. 99:65,1993; Ali, Med. Sci. Res. 24:377, 1996)

Submitted by:
Ali, Jaffar
Views: 4168

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