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Are all IVF treatments necessary?

Dr Kirsty Horsey

Progress Educational Trust

13 September 2002

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[BioNews, London]

Speaking ahead of the publication of IVF success rates, which show that rates vary substantially from clinic to clinic, Suzi Leather, Chair of the UK's Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), has said that some people need to be 'more realistic about conceiving'.

Women should not be 'panicked' into IVF by some clinics which, it has been suggested, unnecessarily recommend fertility treatments to couples who may well conceive given enough time to do so naturally.Some clinics have been accused of capitalising on the fear of declining fertility to increase their profits. While fertility does decline with age, commented Ms Leather, women still have a relatively high chance of conceiving naturally into their late thirties. Ms Leather said 'we're not only here to have children. It's one of the characteristics of our society that we feel able to control a lot of aspects of our lives and so we expect to become pregnant straight away but it's quite normal for it to take a while'.

Ms Leather made clear, however, that her comments were not a criticism of any particular clinic, nor should they be taken to indicate that she believes 'hard sell' tactics by treatment providers are common.

Also critical of the different levels of availability of IVF on the National Health Service in different regions, Ms Leather believes that IVF remains 'the preserve of the rich', and that 'much broader access to fertility treatment on the NHS' should be encouraged.

A major review of the current regulatory and inspection system is currently being undertaken. The HFEA believes that new regulation is necessary, and that this should allow clinics to keep pace with technical developments. They should be judged on a number of criteria, including the levels of counselling offered to prospective patients and whether treatment is appropriate for particular patients.

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Reproduced with permission from BioNews, an email and online sources of news, information and comment on assisted reproduction and genetics.

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Londa Colon   18 February 2011
Just Believe
seven years ago I had my tubes tide and then I decided that i wanted a child I go my tubes reverse and it did not work how disappointing. I did not want to give up so I decided to look up IVF to see if this woid be something for me I went to couple of consults in November and December 2010 and then I started my first cycle I had to take birth control pills and then I had to give myself shots and make sure that I took it around the same time i also had to make sure that I go for ultra sounds ans bloodwork almost evey single week. So in Jan 2011 i went in for an appointment I was ready for egg retrevial which you are sleeping and you don't rember a thing when you do wake up you are a little bit tired and crampy then in three days I had to do the tranfer it told no lie it took 15 minutes they give you medication after that you have to wait for 14 days so that you can do the bloodwork to see if your pregnant that was painful to wait iy is really hard for you to think of something else but you do the best that you can so my 14 days were over and then I had to go in a get bloodwork and wait for the call results I am pregnant but they want me to go back in a week make sure that everything is ok and then from there I have to wait for three more weeks so that I can get an ultra sound now what I am worried about is not taking the bloodwork again is I have to wait and see if the baby is were it needs to be not in the fallopian tube or else were which is scary for me but I think that I will be just because I do believe I really did not think I could be pregnant again and i did and I am greatful for that. Anyone going thru the same thing as far as getting a postive result then waiting to confirm everything is run correctly???? I just wanted to share this with someone that is going thru the same case like mine I went to Dr. Glastein in Braintree MA he is very understanding good luck everything

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