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Zalak Chauhan

Full Name: Zalak Chauhan
Position Sought: Lab Manager / Senior Embryologist
Primary Language: English, Hindi, Gujarati
Address: Ahmedabad
Telephone: 9974189773
E-mail: Contact Zalak
 Profile and objectives
Clinical Embryologist/ Lab manager. M.Sc. Bio-Medical Technology from Gujarat University Pursuing Post Graduated Diploma in Embryology from Gujarat University. More than 6 years of Experience in ART field.
  Main resume
  • Almost 6 years of Experience in the Field of IVF and ART.
  • More than 3 years as an Assistant Emryologist and Andrologist.
  • More than 2.5 years as an Independent Embryologist.
  • Performing ICSI and IVF
  • More than 3500 oocytes Injected.
  • Performing ICSI  even with TESA-PESA samples.
  • Oocyte screening and  Denudation
  • Performing Embryos, Oocytes and Sperm Vitrification and Thawing.
  • Can perform Laser Assisted Hatching 
  • Embryo grading
  • Embryo transfer
  • Exposure of PGS (partially trained).
  • MACs and DNA fragmentation analysis of Sperms.
  • PESA – TESA sample preparation
  • Playing a role of Clinical Embryologist in Infertility segment. Taking care of more than three centers.
  • Displayed excellence in playing a pivotal role in Lab management and maintenance of  IVF unit including Labs.
  • Resourceful in formulating long/short term plans to enhance operations and ensuring proper implementation of policies towards promoting & protecting health & organizational effectiveness.
  • Providing Leadership, Motivation , Direction and Support to staff.
  • Keen Knowledge to Maintain hospital`s Environment & Sterility as well patients Hospitality Services.
  • Thorough Extensive Knowledge of Planning , Coordination & Execution of any Events.


Career History:
  • Working as a Embryologist and Lab manager at Alka IVF centre since December,2018.
  • Doing freelance and taking care of more than 3 centres.
  • Worked with NOVA-IVI ahmedabad for more than a year and NOVA-IVI Mumbai for around 7 months as an Embryologist.
  • Worked with Motherhood women`s hospital for more than 3 years as an assistant Embryologist and andrologist.
  • Worked with Sarvamangal IVF (Old Morpheous-Abad) for around 8-9 months as an Assistant Embryologist
  • Completed M.Sc in bio-Medical Technology 
  • Completed B.Sc. with Bio-chemistry.
  • pursuing PGD in embryology ( Post Graduated Diploma-Embryology )
  • Pursuing M.B.A in Hospital Management
Personal details:

Zalak J. Chauhan

  • Date of Birth :                  16th March, 1991
  • Languages known :          English, Hindi, Gujarati
  • Hobbies :                          Art&Crafts.
  • Nationality :                     India
  • Mobile : +91-9974189773
  • EMAIL:


Interests and Hobbies:
Further Information:

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