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Senior Embryologist

Royale Hayat Hospital

Kuwait, Kuwait

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Royale Hayat Hospital is the best example of a hospital in Kuwait, and probably in the Gulf Region. Our Reproductive Medicine Department with our expertise and resources allow us to offer the most effective new procedures and technologies available in infertility treatment today.

We currently have a Senior Embryologist position available.

  1. JOB SUMMARY:  To supervise and perform all activities related to the IVF Laboratory. Coordinates activities of Lab with clinical activities of Department and devises strategies to improve IVF outcomes.  Oversees as well as participates in Lab procedures and monitors related quality assurance, quality control and record keeping.  Keeps abreast of and ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements, medical and technical policies, and procedural guidelines applicable to the laboratory; reviews recommendations by medical and technical groups; and oversees any required licensing inspections.


    • Analyzes semen and prepares sperm for IUI, IVF and ICSI
    • Identifies and prepares viable sperms from TESE operations for ICSI
    • Prepares sperm and epididymal aspiration and testicular biopsies for the ICSI Procedures
    • Carries out the cryopreservation of sperm, oocytes and embryos
    • Identifies oocytes and egg collection
    • Cultures eggs and embryos
    • Monitors embryos development through different stages
    • Selects embryos for transfer and freezing
    • Carries out the intracytoplasmic injection of sperm (ICSI)
    • Has excellent knowledge about PGS and PGD counseling
    • Highly skilled in embryo biopsy
    • Maintains laboratory records
    • Orders laboratory consumables
    • Meets the patients to explain to explain about the quality and the status of their eggs and embryos if approved by the physician
    • Works in accordance with the rules and regulations of the country or in accordance with a regulatory body that controls the practice
    • Be part of the on-call, weekend rota and emergency calls for laboratory equipment
    • Assists in audit and troubleshooting
    • Handles laboratory equipment
    • Cares for and maintains equipment
    • Performs other task and duties within the scope of the knowledge, skills, and experience required for the job, as assigned by the immediate superior
    • Maintains an understanding of human reproductive biology, infertility and assisted reproductive technology
    • Supervise and oversee work of other Embryologists
    Minimum a B.Sc. In life science degree, a Master degree (Msc) is preferred.

    Minimum 5 years of experience in all aspects of clinical embryology including ICSI

    • Excellent computer skills
    • Fluent in English
    • Excellent Organizational skills
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to enable liaison with and advice to patients, clinicians, nurses, and all hospital staff.
    • Initiative, communicator, problem solver
    • Proactive- anticipates and plans for problems before they arise
    • Service Excellence- responsive, informs constituents of process, pleasant to work with, educate and provides timely, accurate information
    • Organized- manages time effectively, keeps tasks appropriately prioritized
    • Flexible- ability to change directions as needed for the good of the department or organization.
    • Critical thinking-ability to think through issues and identify appropriate options
    • Work ethics-motivated, diligent, industrious and persistent in the workplace, stays on tasks to completion, works at a fast pace to ensure optimal efficiency
    • Interpersonal- can build effective, strong working relationships with employees, colleagues, management, consultants, and media through trust, communication, and credibility
    • Team- ability to work with others, serve others, help others, lead others, mentor others, take directions from others in the interest of moving process and programs forward to the desired outcome
    • Judgement- exercises discretion and due diligence when making decisions and recommendations
    • Quality- is able to perform work in a neat, efficient, well-coordinated, well communicated manner with a high degree of accuracy and professionalism
Experience Required:  Minimum 5 years of experience in all aspects of clinical embryology including ICSI
Education Required:  Minimum a B.Sc. In life science degree, a Master degree (Msc) is preferred.
Salary:  Competitive, based on experience
Closing Date:  Once position is filled

Contact: Konstantinos Lamprakis
Royale Hayat Hospital
Kuwait, Kuwait
Informal Enquiries:
Website: http://www.royalehayat.com/
Applications: Online Submission Link

Date Added: 19 September 2018       

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