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Melissa Glanvill

Full Name: Melissa Glanvill
Position Sought: Trainee Embryologist
Primary Language: English
Address: Southampton
United Kingdom
SO15 2TH
Telephone: 07525263356
E-mail: Contact Melissa
 Profile and objectives
Passionate about Reproductive Medicine with vast laboratory experience, specialised in Clinical Embryology and Andrology. A highly organised and determined individual with the motivation to help others. Aiming for the next step in my career to train as a Clinical Embryologist.
  Main resume

I am currently working as a Reproductive Science Practitioner within the newly established Complete Fertility Limited, Virtus clinic in Southampton. I have been with Complete Fertility since August 2017 and I have already gained experience in a number of skills such as egg collection, semen preparation, IVF, and consenting. Additionally my Master’s degree in Reproductive Medicine from the University of Sheffield has given me the ability to gain a year of experience working within Andrology at Jessop Fertility in Sheffield, gaining proficiency in semen analysis to the World Health Organisation standard.

I am now looking for an oppotunity to gain further training to become qualified as a Clinical Embryologist. As opportunities are limited in the UK I am also open to training abroad.

Career History:

Reproductive Science Practitioner – Complete Fertility Limited - Virtus (previously Complete Fertillity Centre) August 2017 – present

  • Responsibilities: Fully trained in egg collection, sperm cryopreservation, semen analysis, sperm preparation, IVF insemination and HFEA consenting. I am in charge of all transportation of patient samples in and out of our clinic, which includes obtaining the necessary consents, liaising with patients and other clinics as well as packing and unpacking samples. My other daily tasks include setting up the laboratory and embryo culture plates for procedures within the clinic, maintaining stock, good laboratory practice, assisting the embryologists in the laboratory with taking out frozen samples and witnessing, administration including consent checking, answering patient enquiries, data input using multiple software platforms, partaking in the NEQAS and gamete expert quality control program and monitoring and maintenance of equipment.
  • Skills gained: organisational skills needed for running a clinic (seeing patients, cleaning rooms and diagnosis of samples), administration skills including good telephone manner, communication with patients regarding sensitive clinical issues (taking consents), working in a large multi disciplined team of professionals, flexibility with work (constant changes to timetables due to busy workload). Accuracy and precision when performing egg collections and handling eggs and embryos, as well as keeping a good pace to keep procedures running on time.  

Andrology Laboratory Assistant – Sheffield Teaching Hospitals: May 2016 to August 2017.

  • Responsibilities: diagnostic semen analysis, post vasectomy semen analysis, assisting with storage and maintenance of cryopreserved sperm in the region’s largest sperm bank for fertility preservation, maintaining stock, good laboratory practice, consulting with patients (as well as recruiting patients for research), cleaning and assisting in the infection control scheme and partaking in the NEQAS quality control program.
  • Skills gained: organisational skills needed for running a clinic (seeing patients, cleaning rooms and diagnosis of samples), administration skills, communication with patients regarding sensitive clinical issues, working in a small team of professionals, flexibility (rotas are usually shuffled due to emergency storage patients or absent staff). 

Experimental Officer – Covance: March 2015 – May 2015

  • Responsibilities: Operational support within the Immunochemistry Department, quality control checking, client study information administration and collating and analysing raw data using scientific databases.
  • Skills gained: Performing ELISA experiments looking at Anti-drug Antibody screening and Pharamacokinetic testing, filing and uploading results onto various internal systems and working with a large team of scientists to complete projects within strict time limits.

Research Dissertation (MSc): March 2015 – August 2015 Supervised by Professor Allan Pacey.

  • Title: “The efficiency of different sperm washing techniques for the removal of Cytomegalovirus from human sperm samples” awarded a Merit.
  • Scientific techniques performed: Semen analysis, sperm washing (including: density gradient centrifugation, swim–up and ProInsert centrifugation), culturing  MRC-5 cells, liquid nitrogen cryopreservation of cells, plaque assay technique, DNA extraction using a QIAGEN DNA mini kit, Nanodropping, aseptic technique.
  • Responsible for donor recruitment and anonymity, data collection and analysis, stock checking and replenishment, keeping a clean and sterile environment, meeting deadlines and presenting my results.

English Language Teacher - Toyama English Academy, Hamamatsu Japan - May 2013 - August 2014

  • Responsibilities: Planning and delivering lessons in English conversation. Taking part in out of school activities provided by the conversation school. Attending meetings with other teachers to discuss lesson plans.
  • Skills gained: communicating with people of different ages and backgrounds. Time management and planning lessons. Understanding different levels of language ability and adapting to compensate. Problem solving and quick thinking
  • High Merit in MSc Reproductive and Developmental Medicine at the University of Sheffield 2014 – 2015.
  • 2:1 Accredited BSc Biomedical Science Degree from the University of Reading 2010 – 2012
Personal details:
Interests and Hobbies:
Further Information:

Some of my achievements include:

Completion of the Association of Biomedical Andrologists 3 day Semen Analysis course - Nottingham  Sept 2016

  • This course was a 3 day course that included lectures and practical work. It was set out to teach the WHO gold standard in semen analysis and to give a more in depth understanding of the techniques used.

Creating an “Easy Read” Andrology Poster

  • Whilst working within the Andrology Unit in Sheffield, I raised concerns on behalf of our patients with language barriers, cultural differences and learning difficulties who did not understanding the process of producing a semen sample. With the support of my department and a medical illustrator, I was able to create an easy read poster that gained good feedback from 100 patients that I surveyed. It is not a feature within the men’s rooms at the clinic.

Climbing Mount Fuji

  •  In August 2013 I climbed Mount Fuji with a friend, it took 12 hours to climb from 1500m to the   summit and back.

Japanese Language (Beginner)

  • Although I don’t have an official language qualification, I have been living in Japan for one year and consider myself a beginner in Japanese. I am currently having private Japanese lessons once a week.

TEFL Qualification (Completed in February 2013)

  • To allow me to teach English as a foreign language I completed a 50 hour Teaching English as a Foreign Language course with consisted of practical and mental assessment.

My professional memberships:

  • Member of the Association of Biomedical Andrologists May 2016 – present
  • Associate Member of the Association of Clinical Embryologist - August 2017 – present

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