Hands-on training in clinical embryology-December 2016 batch
Dr Yogita, Asia Pacific Institute of Embryology
14 September 2016

Asia Pacific Institute of Embryology (ASPIER), one of the best training institutes in the world is now accepting applications for December 2016 batch. Known for its intensive hands-on approach with the aim of developing skills in embryology particularly ICSI and vitrification, ASPIER is a sought after place for embryology training from all over the world now as it ensures that the trainees acquire the necessary embryology skills. At ASPIER,  trainees will actually perform the whole process of IVF, ICSI and Vitrification in addition to screening & denudation of oocytes, testicular tissue processing, sperm DNA fragmentation, semen preparation for IVF/ICSI, embryo loading techniques etc.

Training involves a combination of lectures, observation in the IVF lab, demonstrations of each technique and intensive hands-on practice monitored and personally supervised on a one to one basis at each and every step of practice until the trainees acquire all the skills. All our trainees are able to do ICSI and vitrification after the completion of training.

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Dr Yogita

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