Marc Van den Bergh, Quartec GmbH
25 April 2014

Quartec GmbH  is a Limited  grounded by Marc Van den Bergh a retired Certified Senior Clinical Embryologist, former chair of Alpha Scientists in Reproduction.

The company focuses on providing:

  • easy accessand  practical and scientific education for embryologists.  
  • quality surveillance of IVF laboratories
  • assistance in preparing the ISO 15189 accreditation
  • on site training of new teams or team members.


Quartec is running weekly 2 webinars one at 8 pm CET for Europe and the Americas and 1 at 12 am for the East and for east. All topics are montly updated with the most recent publications.a The regsitration for a full year is only 20.2 Euros.

Find the full progrom on www.quartec.co or ask at [email protected]


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