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CRi Oosight Imaging System

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CRi Oosight Imaging System See life in a new light. Non-invasively reveal the spindle and zona pellucida in living oocytes to improve results using the new CRi Oosight Imaging System.

The Oosight System is the next-generation of CRi?s own, original, industry-leading SpindleView? system. Use it for assisted reproductive technology applications for imaging the meiotic and mitotic spindle, the three-layered zona pellucida, and other birefringent structures. Assess the quality of living oocytes. Non-invasively locate and position the spindle for ICSI. Monitor changes in spindle parameters from oocyte-to-oocyte. Identify when a spindle has been disrupted and formed a multipolar structure. Remove the spindle in nuclear transfer techniques without using Hoechst dye DNA staining, thus minimizing damage to vital cytoplasmic organelles. Track the changing molecular organization of the zona pellucida through embryo development.

The Oosight system is compatible with most microscopes and laser-assisted hatching systems.

Our latest software allows:
  • Real-time imaging (both through the eyepieces and on the computer screen)
  • No setup procedure required (no sample prep, no lengthy calibration or lamp adjust necessary)
  • Integration with leading laser system
  • Birefringence data to be automatically displayed for the spindle and inner-layer zona pellucida
  • Easy-to-use, Windows?-based operation with single-click image acquisition
  • Time-lapse digital movie capture option

Available from: CRi

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