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11. Day 3

Day 3 Details:
ICSI Embryo

Submitted by:
Alok Teotia
Views: 3813

12. Multinucleated 2-cell embryo

Multinucleated 2-cell embryo Details:
Multiple nuclei are seen in both cells. Multinucleation has been correlated with increased chromosomal abnormalities, lower blastocyst development rate, and lower chance of implantation and successful

Submitted by:
Navid Esfandiari, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Views: 5075

13. Cleavage Stage Embryos

Cleavage Stage Embryos Details:
10 cell embryo available for a day 3 transfer

Submitted by:
Charlene Alouf, PhD
Views: 6049

14. Cleaving embryo

Cleaving embryo Details:
Embryo on day4

Submitted by:
Dr Shreyas Padgaonkar <br />
Views: 6479

15. 8 cell embryo

8 cell embryo Details:
An 8 cell embryo

Submitted by:
Loredana Papale
Views: 14907

16. Day +2

Day +2 Details:
4 cells Human embryo. Olympus IX70 Inverted Microscope.

Submitted by:
Francisco Parera Deniz <br />
Views: 5066

17. Day 2 "enucleated embryo"

Day 2 "enucleated embryo" Details:
Embryo developed from microsurgicaly enucleated 3 PN oocyte.

Submitted by:
Victor Ivakhnenko <br />
Views: 4765

18. 8 cell embryo

8 cell embryo Details:
Eight cell embryo

Submitted by:
Liz Sanders
Views: 4795

19. 4 Cell Embryo

4 Cell Embryo Details:
Four cell embryo

Submitted by:
Marc Portmann
Views: 7226

20. Embri?n 6 blast?meras

Embri?n 6 blast?meras Details:
Embri?n con 6 blast?meras en d?a +2.

Submitted by:
Ximo Moreno <br />
Views: 4810

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