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An ivf software that guarantees to increase your ivf clinic's success rates

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An ivf software that guarantees to increase your ivf clinic's success rates

We provide IVF specific Electronic Medical Record solutions with english and swedish language options.

There are many studies that have revealed that IVF specific EMR has improved the rate of IVF success and only success matters in infertility treatment.

Please go through our brochure that describes the features and benefits of our IVF specialty EMR. The product works in 18 languages and hence we can translate to your language version easily

We provide Installation, Vanilla Implementation, 3 months post implementation support, training, user manuals,implementation manuals.Traditionally software vendors charge money for software cost and then the cost for installation, services, training and support. We do not charge for the product and there by reducing your total cost of investment and ownership. The total cost of ownership of our software solution is the cheapest and we can install, configure, support, maintain , train your staffs on our EMR solution.

Please inform us when can we show you a free demo. Please reply us at or or call us at +919789806090 to buy or demo the software

- Web based, mobile based solution, scalable and covers multiple clinics
- Please visit https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B35H0wBU7vdEVlkyZ0E5LVZfQTA/edit?usp=sharing for more details

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praba karan   08 February 2013
user friendly Manages IVF Cycle
Good EMR based on Open Source and its cost effective.
rubi   08 February 2013
Holistic ivf emr software for patients, donor, surrogate management
This software covers fertility,gynaec features and manages patients, donor, surrogate management. They have sample agreements, contracts for patients, donors, surrogates making life easy

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