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Announcement: Hands on ivf training for Gynaecologist &Embryologist at chennai fertility center and Research Institute

26 May 2016 by Dr.VM.Thomas
Hands on ivf training for Gynaecologist &Embryologist at chennai fertility center and Research Institute Chennai fertility center and Research Institute cordillay invites to participate 21st batch of IVF intensive hands on training for clinician as well as Embryologist starting from 6th June 2016 to 19th June 2016.The Hands on course will run by World renowned Embryologist Dr.VM.Thomas-team. [Read more]

Conference: The 5th International Congress of Academy of Clinical Embryologists

26 May 2016 by Dr Sanjay Shukla
The 5th International Congress of Academy of Clinical Embryologists The 5th International Congress of Academy of Clinical Embryologists will be held at Jaipur, India from 26th to 28th August 2016 and the Pre-congress workshops are scheduled to be on 25th August, 2016. For detailed Scientific program visit: http://acejaipur.com/Detailed_Scientific_Programme.php List of Guest speakers is available at : http://acejaipur.com/International_Guest_Speakers.php [Read more]
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Announcement: MSc in Clinical Embryology - Applications for entry in October 2016

26 May 2016 by Laura Rose
We are still accepting applicaitons for the MSc in Clinical Embryology for entry in October 2016. [Read more]

News: Fertility specialists warn against unnecessary, expensive treatments

23 May 2016 by Lone Hørlyck
A number of fertility specialists have raised concerns over private clinics offering expensive 'add-on' treatments to patients, sometimes without sufficient evidence of their effectiveness. In a series of interviews with The Independent, some of the leading experts in the field of assisted conception claim that clinics are handing out expensive, and 'potentially harmful' treatments 'like Smarties', and they criticise the industry for announcing 'breakthroughs' that were sometimes closer to marketing 'hype'. [Read more]
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News: Stem cell scientists issue new guidelines to cover embryo editing

18 May 2016 by Anneesa Amjad
An international body representing stem cell scientists has included human genome editing in its updated guidance on the manipulation of stem cells and their use in therapy. The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) says that research involving the genome editing of gametes and embryos can be supported if performed under 'rigorous review', but that its clinical application is still a long way off and should remain prohibited. [Read more]
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News: Protein may help embryos stick to uterus

18 May 2016 by Dr Jane Currie
Researchers have identified a protein that may help developing embryos stick to the uterus. They hope to use this protein, syncytin-1, to eventually develop a blood test to identify pregnancies at risk of miscarriage or pre-eclampsia. 'Until now we didn't know this protein was expressed so early in the embryo,' said Professor Harry Moore of the University of Sheffield, lead author of the study. 'Interestingly, the syncytin-1 protein was mainly secreted in the cells of the embryo, called polar trophoblast cells, which will first stick to the cells of the womb.' [Read more]
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Announcement: Admission Started - July 2016

14 May 2016 by Department of Reproductive Medicine, Chettinad Health City.
Admission Started - July 2016 Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Embryology Eligibility: MBBS, BDS Course Duration: One year full time taught program [Read more]
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News: Human embryos grown in lab for 13 days – longest time ever

13 May 2016 by Julianna Photopoulos
Scientists from the UK and US have grown human embryos in the lab for 13 days after fertilisation – the longest ever recorded. This is beyond the stage when embryos would normally implant in the womb, but just before the 14-day legal limit in the UK. [Read more]
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News: IVF: the next generation – first UK baby born after DNA screening technique

13 May 2016 by James Brooks
The UK's first baby resulting from an embryo that was screened using next-generation DNA sequencing has been born in Oxford. Ewa Wybacz and Sergio Russu, the parents of the child, were enrolled in an ongoing clinical study to evaluate next-generation sequencing as a tool to help specialists better select which embryos to transfer during IVF treatment. [Read more]
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News: Spanish lab creates human sperm precursors from skin cells

05 May 2016 by Ayala Ochert
Spanish scientists say they have created rudimentary sperm-like cells from skin and bone marrow cells taken from adult males. They claim that this is the first step in creating functioning sperm or eggs for those people who are unable to have genetically related children and who must currently rely on donated gametes. [Read more]
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