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News: Announcement of embryology training-2017

14 January 2017 by Dr Yogita

Asia Pacific Institute of Embryology (ASPIER), one of the best training institutes in the world is now accepting admissions for August batch. Known for its intensive hands-on approach with the aim of developing skills in embryology particularly ICSI and vitrification, ASPIER is a sought after place for embryology training fromall over the world as it ensures that the trainees acquire the embryology skills. ASPIER is the only institute where trainees will actually perform the whole process of IVF, ICSI and Vitrification in addition to denudation of oocytes, testicular tissue processing, sperm DNA fragmentation, etc.

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News: Implanting two embryos could reduce IVF success

10 January 2017 by Ayala Ochert

Implanting two embryos can reduce IVF success by a quarter if one of the embryos is of poorer quality, new research suggests.

The results of the study, involving 1472 embryos, were presented at the annual conference of the British Fertility Society in Edinburgh last week.

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News: IVF culture medium can double the chance of success

10 January 2017 by Annabel Slater

The type of culture media used in IVF can more than double the chance of producing healthy embryos and significantly affect chances of successful conception.

Between 50 and 80 percent of embryos created through IVF have abnormal numbers of chromosomes. This was believed to be caused by errors in the DNA of the egg or sperm. Yet research now indicates that the genetic make-up of embryos is influenced by the chemical culture they are stored in, prior to implantation in the womb.

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Conference: Upper Egypt Assisted Reproductive Conference

06 January 2017 by UEARS

UEARS is Back with a suburb scientific programme.

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Featured Product: Optimising Laboratory Environment for Successful IVF Outcomes with Geotech’s G100

01 January 2017 by Geotech
Optimising Laboratory Environment for Successful IVF Outcomes with Geotech’s G100

The accuracy of incubator gases within an IVF laboratory plays a major role in success of IVF programs in any fertility clinic today.  Given the crucial role that the incubator plays in the IVF process, the conditions within the incubator in an IVF laboratory must be optimal at all times to increase the likelihood of a successful assisted reproductive treatment. 

Geotech’s G100 portable CO2 analyser has been specifically designed to ensure optimum conditions are met within an incubator for high quality monitoring. The G100’s is equipped with an easy to read menu and large, well lit display. This makes it simple and efficient to use, while providing users with quick and accurate readings of gas levels within an incubator. 

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News: First baby born using ovary frozen before puberty

01 January 2017 by Dr Rosie Gilchrist

A 24-year old has become the first woman to give birth after a transplant of ovarian tissue that was taken before puberty.

Moaza al Matrooshi from Dubai gave birth at the Portland hospital in London this week, following a transplant last year of one of her ovaries, which had been removed and frozen when she was nine years old.

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News: UK approves mitochondrial donation babies

01 January 2017 by Annabel Slater

The UK has become the first country in the world to formally approve the creation of IVF embryos through mitochondrial donation.

On 15 December 2016, following a scientific report into the efficacy and safety of the procedure, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) ruled that the therapy should be approved for 'cautious clinical use'. The UK government legalised mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT) in 2015.

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Announcement: Global survey on professional and educational status of clinical embryologists/lab professionals

31 December 2016 by Alex C Varghese
Global survey on professional and educational status of clinical embryologists/lab professionals

Aglobal survey on professional and educational status of clinical embryologists/lab professionals and also wish to address possible gaps in planning future educational programs.

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Announcement: Certifications from American College of Embryology- Now In India

28 December 2016 by Mahesh M
Certifications from American College of Embryology- Now In India

The American College of Embryology (EMBCOL) transforms a diverse group of embryology practitioners into a uniformly trained group of professionals.

There are three Categories of Certifications:

1. General category 

  • EMB- Reproductive Embryologist- Level IV (hold- MD or PhD) 
  • EMA- Embryology Associate- Level III (hold a master,s degree)
  • EMT- Embryology Technologist- Level II (hold a bachelor's degree)
  • EMG- Graduate Embryologist - Level I (hold a masters degree & graduate certificate in clinical embryology)

2. Skill Certifications

  • ICSI Proficient-  Expert Certificate
  • PGD- Expert Certificate 

3. Facility Accreditations

  • Embryology Facility
  • Training Site 


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Conference: East & West cutting Edge Fertility Sciences

20 December 2016 by Orchid Fertility, Dubai

Orchid Reproductive and Andrology services in affiliation with Northwestern Medicine welcomes you to the first East & West Cutting Edge Fertility Sciences conference taking place on January 27th and 28th, 2017 at the Palazzo Versace, Dubai, UAE.

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