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News: 'Three-person babies' grow up into healthy teenagers

01 November 2016 by Georgia Everett

Seventeen children conceived through ooplasmic transplantation have all matured with regular health and cognitive abilities, according to a study.

The experimental IVF technique was conducted as part of a previous study led by embryologist Dr Jacques Cohen between 1996-2001 at the Saint Barnabas Medical Centre in Livingston, New Jersey.

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News: Functional mouse eggs made from artificial stem cells

25 October 2016 by Dr Katie Howe

Scientists in Japan are the first to have created live mouse pups from eggs that were made from stem cells.

It is the first time that the entire process of egg development has been recreated in vitro. If the technique could be applied to humans, it could be used to treat female infertility – for older women and those whose ovaries have been damaged by cancer treatment.

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News: WHO considers new definition of infertility that includes being single

25 October 2016 by Dr Rachel Brown

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is considering making changes to the definition of infertility to recognise that every individual has the 'right to reproduce'.

Currently the WHO defines infertility as a disability and 'a disease of the reproductive system defined by the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse'.

However, it is considering expanding the definition to include those who are lacking, or unable to find, a sexual partner with whom to naturally conceive.

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News: Profession and income affect IVF success

25 October 2016 by Sarah Pritchard

Female teachers are more likely to conceive during IVF treatment than their peers of a similar age in similarly paid professions, research shows.

The study of more than 1000 women undergoing IVF treatment in the USA also showed that those employed in investment banking and engineering had the worst chances of successful treatment. This was despite another finding that those earning $99,000 (£81,000) or more likely to succeed with IVF than those earning under this figure.

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News: Court allows Australian woman to remove deceased boyfriend's sperm

25 October 2016 by Antony Blackburn-Starza

A woman in Australia has been given permission by the Queensland Supreme Court to extract sperm from her boyfriend after his sudden death.

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News: Age does not increase risk of IVF or ICSI birth defects

25 October 2016 by Lone Hørlyck

Bearing a child at an older age does not increase risk of birth defects when the woman has received IVF or ICSI treatment to become pregnant, a recent study suggests.

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News: UK NEQAS Reproductive Science Scheme 2016 - 2017

24 October 2016 by Hans Stöhr
UK NEQAS Reproductive Science Scheme 2016 - 2017

On November 7 United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Service (UK NEQAS) will start next two distributions for inter-laboratory quality control in reproductive science of periode 2016 - 2017.

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IVF Journal Updates: Human Reproduction: November 1, 2016; Vol. 31, No. 11

21 October 2016 by Human Reproduction
Human Reproduction: November 1, 2016; Vol. 31, No. 11

Articles include:

Obstetrical and perinatal outcomes following blastocyst transfer compared
 to cleavage transfer: a systematic review and meta-analysis

 W.P. Martins, C.O. Nastri, L. Rienzi, S.Z.  van der Poel, C.R. Gracia, 
 and C. Racowsky

 Embryo selection using time-lapse analysis (Early Embryo Viability 
 Assessment) in conjunction with standard morphology: a prospective 
 two-center pilot study

 Dorit C. Kieslinger, Stefanie De Gheselle, Cornelis B. Lambalk, Petra De 
 Sutter, E. Hanna Kostelijk, Jos W.R. Twisk, Joukje van Rijswijk, Etienne 
 Van den Abbeel, and Carlijn G. Vergouw

 Cumulative live birth rates after fresh and vitrified cleavage-stage 
 versus blastocyst-stage embryo transfer in the first treatment cycle

 Anick De Vos, Lisbet Van Landuyt, Samuel Santos-Ribeiro, Michel Camus, 
 Hilde Van de Velde, Herman Tournaye, and Greta Verheyen

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20 October 2016 by Dr Yogita

Asia Pacific Institute of Embryology (ASPIER), one of the best training institutes in the world is now accepting admissions for August batch. Known for its intensive hands-on approach with the aim of developing skills in embryology particularly ICSI and vitrification, ASPIER is a sought after place for embryology training fromall over the world as it ensures that the trainees acquire the embryology skills. ASPIER is the only institute where trainees will actually perform the whole process of IVF, ICSI and Vitrification in addition to denudation of oocytes, testicular tissue processing, sperm DNA fragmentation, etc.

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News: IVF Award 2016 – Coming soon!

20 October 2016 by Boris Becker
IVF Award 2016 – Coming soon!

The IVF Media is proud to announce the third annual IVF Award which will launch 3 months from now at the end of the year and it will be bigger than ever. Again patients will be able to see who is the best from the best.

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