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News: 100-year-old method to flush fallopian tubes may cut need for IVF

26 May 2017 by Dr Katie Howe

Flushing the fallopian tubes of infertile women with a poppyseed-based oil increases their chances of conceiving, according to a new study.

The procedure, called a hysterosalpingography (HSG), dates back to 1917 and is normally used to diagnose fertility problems.

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News: Synthetic 3D-printed ovaries help infertile mice have pups

26 May 2017 by Anna Leida

Fully functional 3D-printed ovaries have been successfully implanted in mice for the first time - enabling them to have healthy offspring.

A team led by researchers at Northwestern University, Illinois, removed ovaries from female mice and replaced them with bioprosthetic ones that were capable of ovulating. The mice became pregnant naturally and gave birth to pups that thrived with their mothers' nursing.

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News: MSc clinical embryology & preimplantation genetics

23 May 2017 by Dr Yogita

University of Mysore, MSc in Clinical Embryology & Pre-implantation Genetics
Admission open for July 2017 batch.

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Announcement: Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis: the who, the what, the why and the how

22 May 2017 by Education and Events

Date: 3 – 4 November 2017

Venue: Roben’s Suite, Guy’s Hospital, London SE1 9RT

Our centre has offered Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) since 1997 and is one of the most successful in Europe with more than 700 babies born free from genetic diseases following PGD for monegenic conditions or chromosome rearrangements.

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis: the who, the what, the why and the how includes talks from Clinical Genetics, Reproductive Medicine, Embryology and Genetics Laboratories to share our multidisciplinary experience, followed by interactive workshops on complex issues.

This course is for those considering establishing a PGD service and/or who wish to broaden their experience.

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11 May 2017 by David Morroll


A general overview of genomics for clinicians, nurses, embryologists and all staff working in ART with an interest in genetic technologies.


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IVF Journal Updates: Reproductive BioMedicine Online: May 2017 (Volume 34, Issue 5)

04 May 2017 by Reproductive BioMedicine Online

Articles include:

In vitro culture of individual mouse preimplantation embryos: the role of embryo density, microwells, oxygen, timing and conditioned media 
Rebecca L. Kelley, David K. Gardner 

Preliminary investigation of the prevalence and implantation potential of abnormal embryonic phenotypes assessed using time-lapse imaging 
Amy Barrie, Roy Homburg, Garry McDowell, Jeremy Brown, Charles Kingsland, Stephen Troup 

Magnetic cell sorting of semen containing spermatozoa with high DNA fragmentation in ICSI cycles decreases miscarriage rate 
Pascual Sánchez-Martín, Mónica Dorado-Silva, Fernando Sánchez-Martín, Mercedes González Martínez, Stephen D. Johnston, Jaime Gosálvez 

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Article: Overuse of IVF risks public funding

04 May 2017 by G. Bahadur, R Homburg, A. Al-Habib, A Muneer

The UK IVF industry is highly reliant on patients being recommended IVF treatment directly on the basis of one poor RCT with a low IUI success rate of 7%/cycle used by NICE.

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News: Babies born through IVF have higher cancer rates

03 May 2017 by Dr Rachel Brown

Children born through IVF are at an increased risk of some childhood cancers, suggests a new study.

The incidence of childhood cancers was almost three times higher in in children born to mothers who had used IVF compared with those who were conceived spontaneously. The difference was 1.5 per 1000 compared with 0.59 per 1000 children, according to the paper which was published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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News: UK NEQAS Reproductive Science Scheme 2017 - 2018

01 May 2017 by Hans Stöhr
UK NEQAS Reproductive Science Scheme 2017 - 2018

On May 8 United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Service (UK NEQAS) will start next distribution for inter-laboratory quality control in reproductive science of periode 2017 - 2018.

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Announcement: IVF Short Courses - IUI ICSI Training & Embryology Courses - IVF TRAINING INDIA

30 April 2017 by Ms.Bindu
IVF Short Courses - IUI ICSI Training & Embryology Courses - IVF TRAINING INDIA

Learn from leaders in the field of education and training of IVF - Hands on Training in Assisted Reproductive Technology - Embryology Academy for Research & Training Is now Accredited By Embryology and PGD Academy UK.

Embryology Academy for Research & Training is World Class IVF Training Centre, established Since 2003 had over 180 IVF training batches till date and have trained more than 900 Candidates from over 26 Countries across the globe

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