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Blast transfer

By: Bağdagül,
18 June 2008
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What can be the cause of not implantation of the "HATCHING BLASTOCYSTS" on day 5?Does sperm parameters affect after transfer process? What can we do?
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Mohammed Ibrahim

Mohammed Ibrahim said on 23 June 2008

"Blastocyst formation does not mean that embryos are normal. We are performing PGD and i noticed that chromosomally abnormal embryos might reach to blastocyst stage, even 3PN do so sometimes.<br>
Age, as mentioned before Endometrium thickness might also affect the implantation.<br>
As for the sperm, abnormalities in sperm such as (genes, chromosomes, centromere...)even if they were morphologically normal might also affect. Partcularly from OAT pateints. It might be related to Y chromosome microdeletions. <br>
Hope this will help."



BB said on 20 June 2008

"What do you mean by sperm parameters?Did you take the best sperm on your sight? If you achived bl.on hatch.on day fifth you might have problem with endomet.or level of hormons."


M. D. Kini. FRCOG

M. D. Kini. FRCOG said on 19 June 2008

"A hatching blastocyst does not mean it will implant. A 3PN embryo can reach blastocyst stage and even hatch, but does not result in a pregnancy. Chromosomal normality, endometrial receptivity all affect implantation"


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