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Whom Will IUI Benefit?


08 July 2020

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As per the infertility treatment specialists, Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is the most popular as artificial insemination. With the help of IUI millions of infertile couples are benefited. Male’s sperms are directly injected into the uterus of a woman undergoing IUI procedure. This procedure is very cost-effective compared to other infertility treatments. Because of the cost-effectiveness, this procedure is very popular too among infertile couples. IUI is a less invasive treatment compared to some other treatments. Many times, the doctor might recommend the IUI treatment along with some medications too.

Getting Pregnant with IUI treatment

Whether a woman decides to conceive with the help of donors’ sperms or woman is facing any complications regarding pregnancy, IUI as a fertility treatment is a go-to option. This procedure begins with the male providing a sperm sample at an andrology lab. Once the lab collects the sperm sample, the lab will wash, process, and concentrate this sperm into a high volume. This helps in allowing only the mobile and healthiest sperm access to fertilize the egg.

The doctor usually carefully monitors the ovulation cycle to inject the washed sperm into the uterus at the perfect time. As per the research conducted by fertility clinics, preparing sperm, insemination timing, and directly inserting sperm into uterus helps to maximize the chances of conceiving.

IUI is one of the great treatment options for infertile couples which begins with sperm donation either by a male partner or by the donor and then after sperm is washed, processed, and concentrated into high volume and inserted into women’s uterus.

When is IUI used?

IUI is normally selected as a fertility treatment for any of the following conditions;

• Low sperm count

• Decreased sperm mobility

• Unexplained infertility

• A hostile cervical condition (including cervical mucus complications)

• Cervical scar tissue from past procedures leading to hampering the sperms’ ability to enter the uterus

• Ejaculation dysfunction

• Same-sex couples

• Single woman wishing to get pregnant

• To avoid passing on a genetic defect from the male partner to baby-to-be

• Mild endometriosis

However, IUI is not recommended by the doctors for the following patients:

• Women who are struggling with severe disease of the fallopian tubes

• Women who had pelvic infections is past

• Women struggling endometriosis

• Men who fail to produce sperm

For the situations where IUI cannot be recommended, other treatments such as IVF might turn out to be helpful. One must discuss all the options for conceiving with the doctor to determine the best course.

Who can opt for IUI?

As stated above, some women are not the right candidates for IUI treatment, especially the woman who suffers from endometriosis. So, doctors generally conduct a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) test to analyze the health of the uterus and fallopian tubes before beginning an IUI treatment. To determine if any obstructions might hinder the eggs from passing through the tubes into the uterus for fertilization and implantation x-ray exam helps a lot.

To qualify for IUI treatment, women must have a normal ovarian reserve. Woman with the poor quality of eggs or a low ovarian reserve is normally recommended to opt for other treatment.  When women pass the age of forty, her chances to conceive lowers down drastically and for such cases, IUI is not recommended. For such cases, IVF treatment might help according to the IVF centers in India.

Know about the rate of success in IUI?

The success of IUI is subject to numerous factors. Success rates of IUI are as high as 20% per cycle if a couple has the IUI procedure performed each month. The success of IUI depends a lot on the reason for infertility, female age, and the use of fertility medications.

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Date Added: 08 July 2020   Date Updated: 08 July 2020
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