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Reviews - Vitrification

1. VitaVitro Vitrification & Warming Media [VitaVitro Biotech]

VitaVitro Vitrification & Warming Media VitaVitro Biotech’s vitrification kit is a unique approach to the vitrification of human oocytes, embryos and blastocysts for assisted reproduction technologies (ART).
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2. VitriBlast and ThermoBlast [Nidacon]

VitriBlast and ThermoBlast VitriBlast and ThermoBlast vitrification media, are both optimised for blastocysts and are based on well-tested standard formulations. Since the formulations have been used considerably, Nidacon can provide you with a very detailed protocol for vitrifying blastocysts, just for your security.
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